Kamala Harris Tells Teen Girls to Push the Liberal Agenda

Isaac Hoops / shutterstock.com
Isaac Hoops / shutterstock.com

Kamala Harris isn’t one of the most liked vice presidents. In fact, her ratings are abysmal. Perhaps it’s because of interviews like the one she did with Teen Vogue. She chose to be extremely divisive by telling teen girls that they need to push the abortion agenda.

Now, she didn’t offer any kind of education about how abortion can lead to healthcare problems. Nor did she discuss religion or anything about how abortion is considered murder in the Bible. Instead, she talked about how SCOTUS ended Roe v. Wade and labeled pro-life Republicans “extremists.”

There are ways to avoid abortion. It starts with waiting to have sex until marriage. But even if a girl chooses to have sex, there are various forms of birth control. And even if a girl gets pregnant, there are still options that don’t include abortion.

Harris didn’t talk about any of this, though.

As RNC Research tweeted, Harris actually had the audacity to say, “‘The majority of Americans, I do believe, agree that one does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held beliefs to agree’ with abortion on demand.”

Yea, that’s not true. It’s obvious that she’s not a Christian. The Bible is actually pretty clear about abortion, and those who don’t want to abandon their faith will agree that abortion is wrong.

In the interview, Harris reminds teen girls that they are leaders, and that their voice can make a difference. Of course, she only wants those girls to grow up to become Democratic leaders. Anyone who disagrees with her and her liberal agenda is an “extremist.”

The VP reminds girls: “Also, use your voice through your social media to remind people who are going through struggles, maybe unwanted pregnancies, to know that they are not alone and that there’s help available to them.”

The problem with that is that the only “help” Harris wants to discuss is murder.

Perhaps the most terrifying part of this is that we have a VP who is trying to brainwash teens into believing that abortion is the only way to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

And four more years? It’s not a funny thing to think about.