DeSantis, Newsom Agree to Debate on Live TV

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If you didn’t know, Florida’s Ron DeSantis and California’s Gavin Newsom have been in an ongoing debate for months now, with each taking pop shots at the other whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now, however, they’ve decidedly to finally settle the issue of which style of leadership, and therefore, state, is better with a live and public debate.

DeSantis recently spoke with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, telling the host that he’d be willing to share the stage with Newsom at a moment’s notice to debate him. And in a similar interview between Hannity and Newsom, the California governor made it clear that he was also looking forward to it.

Naturally, the debate would be primarily over the two leaders’ vastly different leadership styles.

Newsom thinks that DeSantis has made Florida into a totalitarian haven for intolerance. Gavin even traveled to Sarasota last year in an attempt to showcase this. Instead, all that proved was that DeSantis had created policies protecting children, businesses, and liberty.

On the other hand, DeSantis thinks that Newsom has quite literally run his state into the ground with policies that have failed both the people and the government.

Similarly, DeSantis traveled to the once-jewel of California, San Francisco, to illuminate the problems. What he saw was people defecating in the street, homeless everywhere, and businesses and whole communities left to rot because people were fleeing in such a hurry.

Of course, for those like you and me, we don’t need a live debate to see which state is doing better and which leadership style would be better for the country.

However, it just might help the no-small number of voters who find themselves on the somewhat middle ground about where our country is and should be headed.

After nearly three years of Newsom-like policies on hand, we’ve seen what a disaster liberalism is for the United States. Perhaps a debate showcasing how well Florida and its conservative philosophies have done in comparison will help people know the landslide this nation is part of if we don’t change course and soon.