Biden Blows Twice the Cost of the Wall on Saving Ukraine With Untraceable Funds

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President Joe Biden and his Congress have been blowing cash through and into Ukraine since their conflict with Russia began. Since then, they have approved $113 billion for Ukraine, with Biden looking for another $10 billion following their return from recess. The contributions by the US have far exceeded any other nation on Earth, per a Washington Post analysis.

In this analysis, they tallied up a total of $66.2 billion in US military, financial, and humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine since 2022. Meanwhile, the 1,900-mile southern border between the US and Mexico could have been built there and back twice. This comes from the estimated $20 million per mile cost that President Trump accomplished between 2017 and 2021.

Bypassing Congress for most of it, Trump got another $15 billion and got a total of 740 miles of a border wall built. A rough estimate of 280 miles with no wall that was left has been challenged and blocked out by the Biden administration.

In these areas with no walls, the illegals just pour over. Parts of the holes in the border along Arizona were plugged with containers thanks to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. Sadly, when Dem. Gov. Katie Hobbs took office, they were one of her first pet projects to remove.

As Biden keeps funding Ukraine, as these illegals pour over, they bring with them bags and packs and bellies full of drugs. Fentanyl has been especially prevalent, and people have been overdosing from coast to coast as a result. Thousands upon thousands are dying from this drug crisis.

That’s not to mention the human and sex trafficking that is coming along with them, or the terrorists coming from across the globe either. We are helping to funnel them into a tighter area, but they are still able to waltz on through. It’s time to change that and protect what’s ours.