Traffic Injuries up 500 Percent in Canada After Legalizing Pot

Daniel Avram /
Daniel Avram /

Ever since Canada legalized smoking dope, the country has seen a massive 500% increase in the number of traffic-related injuries FOR SOME REASON. Can anyone help solve this big mystery? Over the same time period, the number of alcohol-related crashes with injuries has remained virtually unchanged. This means that the entire increase since 2010 can be attributed to the legalization of marijuana.

The findings were published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Network Open. The researchers studied emergency room visits between 2010 and 2021 to come to their conclusion. That 11-year span breaks up the study into three distinct periods:

  • 2010-2018 – Prior to legalization
  • 2018-Feb. 2020 – Legalization with restrictions
  • March 2020-December 2021 – Full legalization and commercialization

Immediately after the 2018 legalization, Canada saw a 94% increase in the number of ER visits related to crashes in which pot was a contributing factor. Since March of 2020, the number of injuries from pot-related crashes spiked by another 224%.

Men aged 19 to 21 who lived in lower-income neighborhoods were more likely to be injured in a pot-related crash than any other demographic. The lead author of the study, Dr. Daniel Myran, says, “The observed increase in cannabis-involved traffic injuries might reflect broader trends in cannabis-impaired driving. The study highlights the need for enhanced prevention efforts, including targeted education and policy measures.”

Ya think?

These obvious and foreseeable consequences of drug legalization keep catching liberal nations abroad and liberal states and cities here in the US by surprise. Oregon voters legalized crack more than a year ago, and people are now complaining about secondhand crack smoke on public transit. If only someone could put two and two together and solve these big mysteries!