Biden’s Parting Gifts in Afghanistan Now in Palestine

Piotrwoz /
Piotrwoz /

When President Biden ordered troops out of Afghanistan, he made them leave behind billions in assets. Leaving Bagram in the dead of night and then watching Kabul fall, troops destroyed as much as they could after learning the Taliban had been seizing assets from the Afghan National Army overnight. They wanted to see them left with as little as possible.

Now what was left is being found in Palestine. Even as far back as June, Newsweek reported Israeli commanders finding US small arms in the arms of fallen Palestinian groups along the Gaza Strip. As that report makes another appearance on social media, people have been talking about how the $6 billion Biden freed up for Iran only helped fund moving a lot of these weapons into Palestine. Even with Biden claiming the money has not yet been released, it’s easy to know that it just meant reallocated money for Iran.

As Newsweek reported, “The Israeli commander, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the topic, said the diversion of weapons, such as the Javelin shoulder-fired anti-tank missile system, was being monitored from paramilitary forces operating on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine war. The Israeli commander said pro-Russian formations were motivated to transfer captured U.S.-supplied weapons due to the close defense relationship between Moscow and Tehran, while pro-Ukrainian elements were largely motivated by money to smuggle arms.”

Continuing, “The commander said the primary route was via the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and argued that the situation was “very dangerous” due to two primary concerns for Israel. One is that they can research capabilities and then learn how to manufacture them. I’m talking especially about Iran. The other problem is that we are very worried that some of these capabilities are going to fall to Hezbollah and Hamas’ hands.”

This kind of worry is underscored more in the piece from Newsweek. According to their report, on August 20th, a Russian Il-76 transport was seen delivering cargo to Tehran with a $100 million value. Inside was the US-made Javelins missile system as well as the UK’s latest Next Generation Light Anti-Armor Weapons (NLAWs).

Making this situation very convoluted is the reply from a US State Department spokesman about the incident. “The U.S. Government remains keenly aware of the risk of possible illicit diversion and is proactively taking steps to mitigate this risk in close cooperation with the government of Ukraine. We are sending weapons to help Ukraine defend itself in an active conflict, and realistically must acknowledge that there is a risk these weapons could be captured if territory changes hands, as can happen in any war.”

With Biden clearly funding the war against Israel, even if he didn’t do it intentionally, he needs to be brought up on charges of funding terrorism. Given his family connections to Ukraine as well as financial ties with the terrorists and his investments, he could easily end up convicted here if someone is willing to push the case. While a great final answer for America, it wouldn’t have happened timely and without him fixing things for his people before he had an accident.

A pure failure since he was elected, this President has been costing Americans our success and prevented us from having a properly functioning economy. Now with multiple Americans dead in Israel and Palestine, Biden has their blood on his hands for his this, and we owe it to them to get things fixed up and bring their killers to justice.

The problem is, by the time the US does something, they’ll be either dead or someplace else. This means no real justice for them; instead, it will simply be a disaster in trying to fix the situation, with a lot more unnecessary bloodshed. With Biden already positioning aircraft carriers near Israel, he is sending a message that he is willing to shed American blood to answer for lost Israeli lives.