The Writing Is on the Wall – When Will DeSantis Pull Out?

The Old Major /
The Old Major /

Looking at the pools, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) isn’t likely to be nominated to represent the Republican party to challenge (presumably) President Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential Election. In his home state of Florida, the people are polarized on him. Many see his actions against Disney’s pro-LGBTQ policies as detrimental to the freedom of Americans. Others see it as a necessary action to protect the children from pederasts.

On a national scale, many believe his policies and in fighting with former President Donald Trump are too much to get behind. Even the military on active duty or Veterans don’t trust him. Quite simply, many cannot get behind calling him a “brother” despite serving with the Navy SEALs as their JAG officer. He doesn’t come across as legitimate and seems more like a snaky officer trying to get a cookie for being a good boy. That simply doesn’t translate into trust.

Somehow, the “Never Back Down” Super PAC that is pushing him is still going ahead. Yet they are choking off efforts in states they already know they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. In Nevada, they are turning down their efforts considerably. Super Tuesday states of California, North Carolina, and Texas are having the plug pulled, and canvassing is stopping. A choice to instead focus only on the early-voting super states, including Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Never Back Down spokesperson Erin Perrine spoke with NBC about the election. She claimed, “We see real opportunities” in these states. “The first three are going to set the conditions for the March states.” Yet…Nevada has moved their caucus schedule up, and they will be proceeding with South Carolina. Not having a clue about the timetable for the primaries doesn’t make for a good campaign.

To her, though, this is simply to avoid the potential of making a bad investment by getting back out of Nevada. “When you have that kind of uncertainty about how the election’s going to be conducted, that becomes a pretty unstable environment to be investing the kind of resources that we’re investing.”

DeSantis has long forgotten what made him the Governor of Florida in the first place; he was the lesser of two evils to many people. Since then, the man he narrowly beat by 0.4%, Andrew Gillum, has been found OD’d in hotels with prostitutes as well as massive charges (that were dropped) for embezzling funds. That doesn’t speak highly of DeSantis when he barely beats someone like that.

The American people have been watching DeSantis. They have seen how he has all but abandoned Florida except for photo ops and crying about Disney since he announced he wanted to try and become President. Absence like this isn’t acceptable in a sitting Governor, and it doesn’t reflect well on what we should expect if they were elected President. We expect to elect some to lead and not just go elsewhere when they aren’t interested in us.

If DeSantis decides to pull out now or wait until he is all but forced to, it looks to make little difference besides simply wasting funds that could go to another candidate who stands a chance to win. Given DeSantis’ previous statements that he (like others) isn’t running for a chance to be Donald Trump’s VP, but he actually thinks he can win the damn thing, it’s not shocking he is drawing it out.

The power of delusion and disbelief can overwhelm many people, but DeSantis seemed more in touch with reality until COVID passed. Once the state reopened and was a beacon for the US, people flooded the Sunshine State. He sounded like a sane mind to many. As the clouds have cleared and COVID fades away, people are realizing that this was about the only sane one he has had.

If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll pull out soon. If not, we’ll be stuck raising his failed bastard child he’ll turn America into.