Seattle PD Makes It Official; Protesters Have More Rights Than People Suddenly Stuck in Street Blockades

Inna Zakharchenko /
Inna Zakharchenko /

While Seattle has been the Pacific NW epicenter of liberalism since Starbucks came out, its infectious message was largely limited to small sections of the population. Now it has infected their police department, with many of them now starting to see things like the pro-Palestinian supporters on November 11th.

Taking over the corner of 4th Ave and Pine St in downtown Seattle, protesters blocked traffic and conducted their march. As regular drivers attempted to get out of the scene, Seattle PD stood around and were unwilling to help them get out. When they tried using the bike lanes, security for the protestors blocked that lane as well.

As motorists departed their cars and asked for help, one officer offered up some of the best soundbites for the pro-Palestine protests. “We don’t have the resources to do all of that, but we’re doing what we can, which is monitoring. Like, this is kind of the purpose of protesting, is to kind of bring awareness to what they’re protesting by making everyone else’s life a little bit uncomfortable.”

Are. You. F**king. Kidding. Me?

This shining example of what NOT to do is exactly what emboldened the “peaceful” protestors who came out for anything over the last three years. It only makes them more steadfast in their belief that they are right and the rest of the nation is so very wrong. In response, many frustrated and now trapped motorists abandoned their cars in the middle of the city street, figuring it would be faster to walk and possibly cheaper than finding parking (if they even made it on time).

With multiple people now getting out and observing, even those who agreed with the protesters admitted that they just wanted to get home now. They had had enough of this for the day and simply wanted to be inside their homes. Getting to the point where one of the most liberal cities in the US is over it is insane. That’s not an easy feat, yet they did it with ease and in record time.

On November 13th, the Seattle City offices opened back up fully after shuttering for the weekend. The Seattle Police Department didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts with Blaze News about the incident with a statement of their own.

“The rights to free speech and peaceable assembly are guaranteed by the First Amendment. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) takes seriously its responsibility and commitment to support and facilitate the exercise of these rights in a fair and equitable manner, without consideration as to content or political affiliation, with as minimal a footprint as is reasonably necessary to preserve public safety and order.”

A horrific lie; as many can attest, they did nothing to make the footprint minimal nor preserve public safety. Instead, they fell in lockstep with their no-permit-required protesting and instead encouraged them to inconvenience the rest of the city. Just so they could have their pity party, film some poorly staged theatrics, and shed some crocodile tears. These liberals don’t contribute anything to the fight; they just take the easy road and act like they made a big difference in the way history is written.

Giving people the “right” to stop the free flow along the roadways and sidewalks of America is not only wrong, it’s illegal. It matters not what it is you want to say; you need to say it at the right time and place. Delaying people from getting to work, providing emergency services, or simply traveling at their leisure isn’t the right way to go about things.

For other cities, Seattle has underscored the advanced dangers and risks other protests have shown us are more real than most “experts” could ever imagine.

Given the presence of ISIS flags at this and other pro-Palestine protests, it begs the question of how much longer it will take for the VBIEDs and suicide bombers to start infiltrating these soft target large-scale gatherings.