John Kerry Promises to Spend Your Tax Dollars on Climate Reparations to Other Countries

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The Biden regime’s “climate envoy” John Kerry has indicated that he’s now willing to spend even more of your tax dollars to try to fix the weather. Last Friday, Kerry spoke at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore. After flying there in his private jet, Kerry announced that there was no price too high for YOU to pay to stop global warming. In fact, he promised to pay climate reparations to other countries with your money.

You might be thinking, “Hey, wait a second. Is ‘Climate Envoy’ a real job in the federal government? And does this ‘Climate Envoy’ have the authority to spend my tax dollars without any authorization from Congress?”

You are correct. “Climate Envoy” is not a real job. It doesn’t require Senate confirmation. The Biden regime made the job up out of thin air. It’s as fake as unicorns, global warming, the moon landings, and Mitt Romney’s “conservatism.” It doesn’t exist in any federal statute or in any alternate universe.

As to whether John Kerry has any authority to spend your tax dollars, well by golly, he’s sure willing to try!

Kerry promised on Friday to pay millions of American taxpayer dollars into a global climate reparations fund. It’s called the Climate Change Loss and Damages Fund. This is an international wealth transfer fund by which rich countries (except for China) will pay reparations to poor countries because of “disproportionate impacts” on the weather.

It’s like systemic racism but… for the weather. We’re not actually clear on how any of this works, because we’re not bigshot climate experts like Climate Envoy John Kerry.

What we do realize is that no matter how bad the alleged (fake) global warming scheme gets, more communism always seems to be the answer. After John Kerry gave his speech and promised to give your money away, he got back on his private jet and jetted back to Europe, which is where he prefers to live instead of in America.