DeSantis Chickens Out, Won’t Withdraw His Name from CO Ballot

Aaron of L.A. Photography /
Aaron of L.A. Photography /

How many opportunities has Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis squandered during this doomed campaign for the 2024 Republican nomination? We’ve lost track. After the Colorado Supreme Court issued a mentally ill ruling to kick Donald Trump off their state’s ballot next year, Vivek Ramaswamy showed incredible political shrewdness in his response. Ron DeSantis… not so much.

Within a couple of hours of the ridiculous decision being handed down, Ramaswamy announced that he would withdraw his own name from the ballot in Colorado unless Donald Trump’s name was also going to be there. Ramaswamy challenged Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Chris Christie to do the same.

This would have been an opportunity for all the candidates to prove that they were unified in defeating the Democrats at their anti-democratic practices. Unfortunately, none of the rest of them running to unseat Trump as the nominee took Ramaswamy up on the offer.

The morons running the DeSantis campaign had the little fella put out an especially dumb statement on Newsmax:

“No, I think that’s just playing into the left. I think the case will get overturned by the Supreme Court, but I’ve qualified for all the ballots, I’m competing in all the states, and I’m going to accumulate the delegates necessary. That’s the whole name of the game in this situation, but I do anticipate that decision was political and will get reversed.”

How is that playing to the left? Donald Trump has qualified for all the ballots, too. Does the DeSantis campaign actually think that Democrats would let Ron run if Trump were to suddenly drop out of the race?

Democrats no longer want to go to the trouble of having elections in America. They simply want to outlaw Republicans from running and prevent anyone else from running. This was another chance for DeSantis to shine, and once again, his campaign totally dropped the ball.