One Man Gives Pro-Palestine Protests a Message the NYPD Refuses To

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With pro-Palestine protests popping up across the US, many are growing fed up with their disruptions to our daily lives. On January 8th, one unidentified person who seemed to be from New Jersey had enough of this happening in New York City. According to self-described reporter Elad Eliahu, “Angry NYC driver shoves Palestine protesters blocking the Williamsburg Bridge during rush hour traffic this morning out of his way. ‘You’re disrupting traffic idiots, you can’t do that, it’s against the law.”

In the accompanying video, pro-Palestine protestors had created a human chain in an attempt to block the Williamsburg bridge. Following his rightful tirade against the protestors, he demanded numerous times for those who had surrounded his vehicle to get away before they finally listened. Informing them that he has a daughter in Brooklyn, he climbs into his car and starts inching his car forward.

Unsurprisingly, an exchange of yells and obscenities occurs between the man and the protesters, with them ultimately parting ways long enough to let him through.

Multiple groups had shut down points of entry to NYC and were successful in their attempts to stop traffic at the Holland Tunnel. Plus, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, in addition to the Williamsburg, were stopped by these whiney liberals. All in all, over 100 people were arrested for this latest protest. Yet the NYPD isn’t going to do anything to them for their actions.

According to a tweet from Patrol Chief John Chell of the NYPD, “Today protesters blocked three bridges and the Holland Tunnel at 9:40 AM. By 11:15 AM, we are able to clear the locations with 325 arrests…In lieu of summons, many protestors will face misdemeanor charges with a desk appearance ticket.”

This unnamed man is the inspiration we need here in the US.

Protesters like the ones who block traffic with their human chains aren’t the same ones who would shut down the streets of DC as they marched with MLK. Hell, even the hippies who closed parts of San Francisco didn’t have the violence that was coming with these pro-Palestine protesters. Many of the same protesters seen at these events have been arrested and cited for their actions in the BLM protests from George Floyd and beyond.

By taking away their power by driving through their chain, this man delivered the message that enough is enough, a message that the rest of America needs to join him in sending. Going slowly and inching his way forward, he showed them that he meant no harm but that he refused to be a part of this protest. A message like this is difficult for people to understand, as many would quickly assume that he is trying to run them down.

Traffic-stopping protests like these are rife for terrorist attacks. Suicide bombers or those armed to the teeth can easily slip in and turn a “peaceful” protest into a mass casualty event. As this video from the Holland Tunnel blockade shows, these events serve as great bases for attacks. With the American left doing all the hard work for anti-American groups to attack, it is no longer a matter of if they will attack but rather when.