Democrats Threaten to Attack GOP Voters in Their Homes & Churches If Trump Wins in November

Ryan Rodrick Beiler /
Ryan Rodrick Beiler /

Democrats are openly threatening to harass and attack Republican voters in their homes and churches after Donald Trump is reelected in November. The threats were issued as radical protesters surrounded the office of the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, this week. Heritage has been working on ‘Project 2025’ in preparation for Trump’s reelection. The protesters were screaming despite using bullhorns and tried to encircle the building with crime scene tape that read, “Stop Project 2025.”

The project is working to identify ideological allies of Donald Trump and the MAGA movement so that they can be hired for key positions in the federal bureaucracy starting on day one of the new administration. Heritage is also vetting current employees in federal agencies who they know will be disloyal to a Trump administration, so those people can be fired on the first day. Naturally, leftists want to keep their communist allies inside the federal government so they can undermine Trump the same way they did during his first term. Hence, the protests.

The protesters, in this instance, call themselves “Stop the Coup 2025.” Because somehow it will be a coup if Donald Trump wins a democratic election fair-and-square.

“We need to go find out where they live, where they go to church, who they hang around with, and birddog they a**es,” shouted one activist to the crowd, in an obvious threat.

“Find out where they live. Find out where their office is!” yelled another speaker while encouraging the protesters to “disrupt business as usual for conservatives.”

It’s reminiscent of the deranged and threatening protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices when the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked early. The Department of Justice, under Joe Biden’s partisan hack Merrick Garland, refused to do anything to stop the violent threats against conservative judges. Federal officers weren’t in a hurry to shut down the Stop the Coup 2025 communists this week, either. Come to think of it, some of the protesters were probably FBI agents who were worried about losing their jobs.

The reason why Project 2025 is striking such fear into the hearts of leftists is that conservatives will be going on the offensive in a way that many Americans have never seen before. Conservatives are not drawn to working for the federal government. It usually takes months, if not years, for a new Republican president to staff key positions because there aren’t many conservatives hanging around Washington, DC.

That’s not going to happen in 2025. The second Trump administration will be able to hit the ground running because Project 2025 will have done the groundwork on who to fire and who to hire on the very first day. This is expected to strike a blow at the Deep State like none of us has ever seen before.

This is why Democrats are now openly calling for violence against Republican voters in their homes and churches. Anyone who has studied the history of communist takeovers will immediately recognize what’s happening here. The communists in the Democrat Party are simply planning to escalate things to the next level of political violence in this country. The irony of them calling themselves “Stop the Coup” is that they are the ones attempting to stage a coup. They’re willing to do basically anything to prevent the Bad Orange Man who haunts their nightmares from returning to the White House.

Conservatives should be mentally preparing to protect their families in their homes and churches because these leftists mean it when they are threatening violence against us. Prepare accordingly.