Leaked DHS Memo Reveals Thousands of Illegal Chinese Weed Farms Across America

nevodka / shutterstock.com
nevodka / shutterstock.com

If you wanted to destroy another country without having to fire a shot, how would you do it? One tactic that you might employ would be taking advantage of that country’s lax laws to flood it with drugs. That’s exactly what Communist China has been doing to the United States for years now, according to a leaked Department of Homeland Security memo. According to that memo, the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) has spent years launching thousands of illegal marijuana farms across the US, right under the noses of our vaunted intelligence agencies.

While the FBI has been viciously hunting down grannies who walked into the US Capitol on January 6th, the CCP and the Chinese triads (their version of the Mafia) have been buying up small, local farms and properties and setting up marijuana grows. This is especially happening in states that have been stupid enough to legalize marijuana, like California, Oklahoma, Oregon, New Mexico, and Maine.

All five of those states have been battling a huge surge in illegal weed operations. Because the small farms and properties are all in rural areas, local law enforcement is overwhelmed just trying to keep up. Last week in Penobscot County, ME—population 152,000—police raided a farm where they arrested three Chinese illegal aliens and seized 40 pounds of marijuana and about $4,700 in cash.

Authorities believe this is just one out of about 270 illegal weed farms that the Chinese have set up in Maine since the state legalized marijuana in 2020. All 270 of the farms are believed to be part of the same criminal CCP/triad network, with profits from illegal sales flowing back to mainland China. Officials suspect around 2,000 illegal Chinese weed farms are operating in Oklahoma.

Illegal aliens from China say they were lured to New Mexico with the promise of jobs, only to end up being forced to work 14 hours a day on a marijuana farm. The triads take their visas away and threaten to have them deported if they complain. That marijuana farm was financed with funds from a Chinese energy company. It was shut down in 2020 by the Trump administration, but simply moved to Oklahoma and set up shop again.

In 2022, that operation was shut down for good. Authorities believe that the explosion of weed-growing operations in Maine has happened because of southern and western US states cracking down on their operations.

The Chinese are so brazen, partly thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies, that they are even setting up growing operations in residential neighborhoods in Maine—even next to daycares and schools. Locals in the towns where these illegal operations are running complain about the constant smell of marijuana emanating from these houses.

None of the Chinese nationals running these operations speak English. Locals say they go to hardware stores and nurseries and then point at pictures on their phones to buy the items they need for their illegal farms.

There’s a simple and obvious solution to all of this. Ban all foreigners and foreign companies from owning property in the United States. There’s no excuse for American farms and homes ending up in the possession of non-Americans.

China makes the pre-cursor chemicals for fentanyl and then sells those chemicals to the drug cartels in Mexico. The Chinese are buying up thousands of acres of American farmland. The Chinese are buying homes and small farms where they can set up illegal marijuana farms. Does everyone see what’s happening here? Or have we all gotten so fat and lazy from weed and fentanyl that we don’t realize our country is being conquered?