European Farmers Take Their Tractor Protest Tour to London

Jakob Berg /
Jakob Berg /

Taking over Parliament Square in downtown London, British farmers came out to protest the government before their upcoming elections. In their eyes Brexit put them at a significant disadvantage when it comes to selling their wares, much like the rest of Europe feels about their countries. With globalist and green energy policies decimating the very livelihood of these farmers, it’s like the entire continent is against them.

Union Jacks soared above the crowds, chants of “Back British Farmers” and “No farmers, no food, no future” wafted through the ranks. With members of Parliament signing deals with Australian, Canadian, Japanese, Mexican, and other farmers, these farmers have had their pockets picked. While UK farmers are required to meet some of the strictest labor, quality control, and safety standards in the world, these other nations can flatly ignore them and still make the sale.

They also allege that the crown has undercut them by allowing other European farmers to sell in their markets. Even as their government hands them subsidies left and right and helps them undercut UK farmers, they are making it even easier by allowing them to market it as a UK product. Done by packing it inside the UK, these packages are adorned with the Union Jack and are hard to distinguish from British-grown and raised foods.

Founder of Save British Farming, Liz Webster, spoke with British publication The Telegraph live from the protest about their goals.

“In 2019, this Government was elected with a mandate to uphold our standards and deliver a ready-made deal with the EU which would see British agriculture boom. It is now entirely obvious that they have totally betrayed us all…Polling shows that the public back British farming and food and want to maintain our high food standards and support local producers. We need a radical change of policy and an urgent exit from these appalling trade deals, which will decimate British food.”