Lady Justice Strikes After the LSU Women’s Basketball Walks Off for the Anthem

Roberto Michel /
Roberto Michel /

Lady Justice’s timing never ceases to amaze. She strikes perfectly, and her timing against the LSU ladies’ basketball team was beautiful. Coached by Kim Mulkey, the team left the court, led by Angel Reese, before the National Anthem was played and did not return for it. A shocked Mulkey claimed after the game that the team never comes out for it and is unaware of when it happens.

Facing the Iowa Hawkeyes with their star and NCAA leading scorer, Caitlin Clark, this game had been a year in the making. With the taunting from Reese at last year’s national championship garnering national attention, the storyline and drama were already built in. With the mainstream media making a big deal about the rivalry between the two, it was ignorant to stay in from the anthem.

Playing on the national stage like this and hiding from an American tradition and symbol of pride is poor sportsmanship. It shows they are convinced their views are more important than league and National traditions. It isn’t a protest anymore; it’s just childish and ignorant.

With Reese fouling out before the end of the game, Clark stayed in for the game and cruised to a smooth and well-played victory. Capping it off with no taunting at the end, Clark showed the class and respect Reese wished she was capable of. Given the deals Clark is already being promised and her declaration of WNBA Draft eligibility, she’ll be off in the pros. Meanwhile, Reese has yet to commit one way or the other. Perhaps she should learn the words to the anthem…