Zoran Zeremski /

2020 Fallout: The Middle Class is Being Priced out of Car Ownership

The fact that the average person was able to afford a new car was one of the metrics by which the American middle class...
Fit Ztudio /

Biden’s Green New Deal Handing Oil Companies Record Profits

January 31st saw President Biden becoming infuriated at oil companies after they released their 2022 finances. With Exxon listing at $55.7 billion, and Chevron...
chase4concept /

Pentagon Failed 5th Audit In a Row, Missing $220 Billion

The Government Accountability Office (GOA) shared a report this week that revealed that the Department of Defense failed its 5th audit in a row....
G_stocker /

Banks Are Denying Loans to Companies That Won’t Tweet about Global Warming

The Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs learned this week that Wall Street banks are denying loans to companies unless they agree to tweet...

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