Violent Crime Rises in Home Depot Stores

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By now, we’ve all heard about rising crime throughout the United States. But even big box stores like Home Depot are being affected.

According to CEO Ted Decker, the company is growing increasingly “concerned with some life safety of our associates and customer base.”

Yes, he said “life” safety, meaning he’s worried about physical and violent crimes being perpetrated in his stores. Gone are the days when mere theft was an issue. Now, Decker and his staff are literally in fear for their lives.

Granted, it’s not in all of their stores. As Decker told CNBC host Becky Quick on Monday, “certain tough cities” pose much more of a risk than most.

While he admits things haven’t gotten so bad that he’s had to close down those locations, yet. He believes it might not be long until that happens.

In the meantime, the company has had to invest a great deal more in “security guards and lighting,” such as in parking lots and recording towers.

He admits, “It’s not a place that many of us in retail thought we’d have to be.”

But here Decker is, installing a bunch more lights and putting security guards at every door just to help protect his customers and those who work for him.

To be sure, it’s a frightening thought that you can’t even run to the store to pick up lights, lumber, or a tool without being mugged, attacked, or worse. But thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden and all his soft-on-crime compatriots, that’s the world we live in – where criminals are catered to and hardworking, law-abiding people are left as the victim.

And yet Democratic leaders wonder why crime is such a problem, and people are running to red-led pastures.