NY Times Shows Its Liberal Side with a “Republican Definition of Crime”

Bernardo Ramonfaur / shutterstock.com
Bernardo Ramonfaur / shutterstock.com

How are we supposed to establish unity in this country when the mainstream media is showing their liberal bias on a daily basis? We’ve known for a while that the New York Times leans to the left. However, we never expected them to provide an actual definition of “crime,” according to the Republicans.

You see, David Firestone, a member of the editorial board with the NYT believes that crime is defined differently between the Republicans and Democrats. It’s no longer about the fact that people are breaking the law. Instead, it’s about the TYPE of crime being committed as well as WHO is being blamed.

Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s liberal logic for you.

Firestone starts out by talking about the riots that were taking place in 1968 and how President Nixon called for “a return to law and order.” However, according to Firestone, that simple campaign is also layered with racial coding.

He goes on to point to Florida and Governor DeSantis calling the state a “law and order state.” And Nikki Haley said that “We must have law and order.”

Apparently, establishing law and order is only something desired by Republicans. It shows that there are too many Democratic cities that have completely run amok. It’s as if they forgot that there are laws and that order can be established by making sure that those laws are being followed.

That is where Firestone really takes a liberal power pose. He writes, “But the crimes they want to get tough on are always of the same kind: ‘violent’ crimes on the streets of American cities, preferably cities run by Democrats. The kind of crimes that make suburban residents install doorbell cameras, stock up on guns, and vote for the politician who says ‘lock them up’ the loudest.”

So, you’re saying that the Democrats don’t want to handle the crimes that are violent? That doesn’t sit well with me. In fact, it’s no wonder why so many people are moving out of liberal-run cities. After all, mainstream media is essentially touting that the Democratic Party doesn’t care to address violent crimes.

Firestone thinks that he makes a win for the Democrats – and instead, he perpetuates the fact that the liberals don’t have a true grasp on what crime is.

Democrats focus on crimes that “pollutes a river.” He also goes on to talk about hate groups and tax cheats, but that’s not really accurate. After all, the sitting president is the one turning Republicans into a hate group by calling us extremists. And tax cheats? If the Democrats focused on crimes like that, Joe and his whole damn family would be sitting in a white-collar prison somewhere.

The idea that we can ever establish unity in this country is a joke – especially when one of the heaviest circulated publications is releasing dribble like this.