Social Media Platform Gab Tells Ireland Where They Can Stick Their Hate Speech Law

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Ascannio /

Twitter has been getting a lot of press lately due to Elon Musk’s takeover and the platform’s supposed return to free speech. However, there has been a Twitter alternative around since 2016 that has never censored free speech, either in America or overseas. Gab was founded by Andrew Torba specifically as a free speech alternative to Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. It’s been taking heat from world governments ever since, and Ireland is the latest country that’s trying to force Gab to comply with its newest “hate” speech law.

Ireland passed the “Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences Act of 2022” last year. The anti-speech law destroys the rights of the vast majority of Irish voters in exchange for protecting the delicate feelings of “marginalized groups.” It is now illegal in Ireland to tell an off-color joke about a non-white person (while still legal to make vile racist statements against whites). It’s also illegal to make fun of pagan non-Christian religions (but perfectly fine to blaspheme against and insult Christians and Catholics).

If a burly, hairy, mentally ill man in Ireland wants to call himself Sally and wear pantyhose and take showers with your 7th-grade daughter in the locker room, you’d better not say anything negative about him—sorry, about HER—on social media. Otherwise, the Irish authorities will lock you up. Sally’s delicate feelings about HER weird sex fetish are far more important than your rights as a normal person and a parent.

All of that stuff is perfectly legal on Gab. You can tell jokes or share memes, and no one on the platform will ever censor you. You can make fun of pagan religions there if you want to. You can even point out the absurdity of Sally’s rights superseding your rights under the Constitution, and nothing bad will happen to you.

Gab’s goal as a platform is to continue spreading freedom of speech to the rest of the world rather than inviting every backward hick and tyrant from every other country to change our values here. World governments that are trying to crack down on speech—governments in nations that we used to think of as “Western civilization”—are not happy about that. They’re threatening to try to impose fines and penalties against Gab if Torba doesn’t get with the program.

Torba’s message to Ireland is the same message that Gab has sent to every other world government that’s tried to limit speech on the platform:

Ireland can take its little hate speech law and shove it right up its ***.

That’s kind of refreshing, actually! Elon Musk, for all his platitudes about free speech, has already been caught suppressing “dissident” tweets in places like the Islamic Republic of Turkey and Communist China. If you think that Twitter will remain a free speech platform that doesn’t choke off the visibility of pro-Trump, conservative and Christian tweets in the run-up to the 2024 election, you’re likely in for a disappointing surprise.

Remember when exporting American values to other countries used to be a virtuous thing? We used to use foreign policy to tell other nations that they couldn’t sell their goods and products in the American market unless they’d modify their tyrannical treatment of their citizens. Was that such a bad thing? These days, the only “value” that the Biden regime seems to want to spread to other countries is the anal rainbow flag.

Gab has remained a free speech zone on the internet this whole time. It’s a mystery why more conservatives don’t flock to the platform since its founder and its company mission remain decidedly pro-American.