Biden’s Child Homicides Keep Adding Up: Baby Girl Drowned in Texas River 

David Peinado Romero /
David Peinado Romero /

A 2021 video released by Fox News showcases an illegal immigrant who crossed the border with his wife and three children. In the video, the unnamed South American illegal immigrant acknowledged that he and his family crossed the U.S.-Mexican border because Biden was president. 

Speaking to ABC This Week’s Martha Raddatz, the man said he made the trip “basically” because of the election of Joe Biden. 

Raddatz asked the illegal immigrant, “Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?”  

The man immediately responds, “Definitely not.” 

“Did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?” Raddatz pressed. 

Without hesitation, the man responds, “Basically.” 

And he is not alone. As of June 2023, more than 6.3 million known illegal immigrants have escaped into the United States, and that’s not including the numbers passing undetected. Just prior to the expiration of Title 42, there were 11,000 illegals passing through Border Patrol each day. 

To date, Biden’s policies do not seek to stop the flood of illegals. Instead, they aim to better manage the flow. 

Which places the blame for every border death squarely at Biden’s feet, including the preventable death of a baby girl found drowned in the Rio Grande. Her tiny body, found next to her mother’s, was one of four discovered in the river in the 48 hours spanning July 2 and 3 alone. Two other illegals were found alive in the river and rescued. 

Some of the deaths are highly publicized for political gain, garnering sympathy for the plight of illegal immigrant kids. Most notable was the recent death of an 8-year-old female while in custody, presumably from the flu in May. Her death is more well-known than that of a teenage Honduran boy who died a week earlier at a Florida shelter for unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors or the 4-year-old Honduran girl who died while in the care of Health and Human Services. 

Liberals place the blame for 8-year-old Anadith Tanay Reyes Álvarez in the hands of Border Patrol, claiming that the illegals “deserve” and “are entitled to” the best medical care. The role of her mother in taking a child with a preexisting heart condition on a treacherous 2000-mile, three-month journey is neatly packed away under the rhetoric. 

But the truth is grim: Biden’s immigration is responsible for luring illegal immigrants to the country, making him responsible for many preventable deaths, including 800 estimated deaths in fiscal year 2022. 

He is also responsible for human trafficking, with jaw-dropping numbers of illegal immigrants rescued from the hands of cartels. While these numbers will never be known, Border Patrol has saved 900 children from smuggling and trafficking activities.  

Among those saved were two young Guatemalans found along the shores of the Rio Grande. The kids, eight and eleven years of age, were taken to the river by a woman they didn’t know and abandoned on the Mexican side.  

Recently, the Oversight of the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s Unaccompanied Alien Children Program confessed to losing track of 85.000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children since Biden’s election. ORR director Robin Dunn Marcos was unable to answer concerns about the locations of the children or about the lowering of safeguards intended to keep illegal immigrant kids safe. 

In 2020, under the Trump presidency, 15,00 children were referred to the UAC. In 2022, that number rose to 129,000 cases referred to the agency. In the face of staggering numbers and limited resources, the UAC dropped essential safety precautions for these kids, including checking the backgrounds and addresses of so-called sponsors. Additionally, the requirement that these kids be left with family whenever possible was tossed out, leaving these kids to be exploited. 

The HHS was eager to get rid of the kids by whatever means necessary. The agency looked past the signs of labor exploitation of these kids, including placing them with people who were not relatives, ignoring direct reports of trafficking, and waving away the red flags of single sponsors sponsoring many unaccompanied minors at once. It’s now estimated that two-thirds of unaccompanied minors are forced into illegal, dangerous jobs in hazardous conditions like factories.  

While Biden is patting himself on the back for padding his voter rolls in perpetuity, children are dying because of him and his blanket “welcome to the United States” invitation for all illegal immigrants. He rewards illegal activity to encourage the migrants to keep coming. 

And if innocent children are harmed, that’s just collateral damage in the fight for a corrupt government to maintain power. 

Obama’s border cages, a concept followed by both former President Trump and current President Biden, would be preferable to the fate that befalls many illegal immigrant children. 

But Biden orchestrates the narrative like a finely tuned symphony, ignoring the plight of the thousands of innocents he condemns to death through his policies. 

Like the death of a toddler found floating next to her mother in the Rio Grande.