Cleveland Shooting Reignites the Leftist Propaganda Machine

Denise Kappa /
Denise Kappa /

Just hours after 13 people were shot in the Lake Erie city of Cleveland, OH, Leftist Mayor Justin Bibb and others took to the people to not waste an opportunity to blame the right.

In the early hours of July 9th, shots rang out in separate incidents across the city.

In one shooting, three were injured, with one confirmed dead. In another part of the city, a true mass shooting occurred, with nine people receiving gunshot wounds to their extremities, with multiple victims being treated and released. The shooter(s) in both incidents are still at large.

As a matter of principle, police were already on duty in the city’s Warehouse district and were able to respond quickly and render aid. From initial evidence gathered at the scene, officers cannot find a reason behind the shooting, and so far, there is nothing to suggest there had even been any conflict there. According to the descriptions, the suspect was a black man in dark clothing.

The statement from Mayor Bibb was naturally incredibly inflammatory. Telling constituents that nothing will change unless it is changed at the Statehouse, he built a nice level of insulation for his local politicians and police.

“We continue to see an uptick in shootings across our city ever since Republican lawmakers passed Senate Bill 215 last year allowing permitless carry…It’s important we recognize this and hold these lawmakers accountable for passing dangerous gun laws in our state. As a result, mayors cannot pass one piece of legislation aimed at gun reform.”

He also claimed the city “has been doing everything we possibly can to address crime in the city through a holistic all-of-government approach that includes investing in technology, our police officers, and through numerous violence prevention and intervention efforts to address the root causes of crime.”

Naturally, birds of a feather flock together, so Democratic Councilman Michael Polensek had to toss in his two cents on the shootings as well. After 40 years serving as a Councilman, the man has pushed himself into the NAACP, and is considered by many to be the Don for Ward 8, and yet is still chasing after the crumbs of the mayor to push their leftist agenda on the blue-collar city of Cleveland.

Polensek said in an interview with on the evening of July 9th, that he is ready to see change at any cost.

“I don’t give a frick if we have to call in the 82nd Airborne. The administration has to acknowledge that we have a major problem. We have violent predators controlling our streets, and we don’t have a game plan to deal with it. We need a coordinated effort to go into our neighborhoods and get these people off our streets.”

Despite having a career longer than his mayor has been alive, Polensek has proven to do little more than blame the right and bigger government for the problems of Cleveland. His outright refusal to accept blame for his poor decision-making and influence on the city as they fail is disgusting.

It’s not the gun laws that took the police force from an average of 1,600 in years past to the 1,242 that it’s at now.

Rather, they try to say that the city is facing the same problems as any other city. Yet that’s not true.

The problems with a reduced police force come not from cities being the same, but rather it comes from the agenda of the Democrats. It’s no wonder that the cities with a heavy level of Democrats in office are the same ones reporting more problems.

They lose officers to increases in violence that are spurned by lawmakers and district attorneys refusing to charge criminals properly. They lose officers to better pay in more conservative cities and for better benefits in nice climates.

If Cleveland wants to fix their gun violence problems, they need to accept the reality of the situation and their hand in getting where they are now. God knows the city didn’t get this bad overnight.