FDA Approves New Drug to Help Biden Win?

Maxx-Studio / shutterstock.com
Maxx-Studio / shutterstock.com

By now, I don’t think it’s any secret that Joe Biden is struggling in his re-election campaign, mostly due to concerns about his age and ability to do his job. Perhaps that’s precisely why the FDA has fast-tracked a new Alzheimer’s drug for approval…

It’s called Leqembi. And as of July 6, it has been approved by the FDA after what is pretty much the shortest time in the history of drug approvals.

According to the FDA, the drug has shown promising abilities to diminish cognitive decline or at least slow the pace of it.

And seeing how most in the nation have long guessed that Biden, as the oldest president in US history, is suffering from cognitive decline in one form or another.

I mean, how else do you explain the near-constant and embarrassing word salads, the forgetfulness of things and people he should know like the back of his hand, or even the ever-increasing falls off stairs, bikes, etc.?

Naturally, it has many who tend to lean a little more conservatively, believing that the White House, the Democratic Party, the deep state, and the many alphabet groups in our nation are working together to boost Biden’s chances of winning his re-election bid for 2024. Then again, at the rate Biden is going, perhaps the goal is to just get him to finish the job he started without bringing the Party to a point where they have to admit Biden is no longer fit.

Of course, given that the drug is also known to produce side effects including “brain swelling, seizures, and death,” perhaps the goal is a bit more sinister.

In any case, it does seem awfully coincidental that a drug of this nature would be coming out just when the failing Biden would need it most.

What do you think?