Trump Now Beats Biden by 5

Steicha /
Steicha /

It should be no shock that Trump is leading in the polls. However, it’s not just the other Republican candidates he’s polling ahead. Now, he’s even quite a way out in front of Biden.

For a while now, we knew that Trump would most likely be the most popular GOP presidential candidate. After all, he still has a rather massive following, partly from all those who thought he should have won in 2020.

There was talk that newer to the race, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis might tip those scales once he officially threw in his hat. However, that’s not what has happened.

While initially, he received quite a bump in the polls, now the trajectory only seems to head downward while Trump remains looking ahead.

According to the latest Harvard Caps/Harris poll, Trump has managed to put 40 points between him and DeSantis, his closest rival. Other candidates, such as Vivek Ramaswamy and former Vice President Mike Pence, sitting at even lower numbers, ten and seven percent, respectively.

Naturally, that all says good things about Trump, who remains well ahead despite having no shortage of enemies, indictments thrown his way, and shoddy media coverage meant to make him look bad.

But what that says even more is the fact that according to the same poll, Trump is officially ahead of Biden – and not by a measly amount that could be chalked up to the margin of error.

Instead, Trump sits at 45 percent approval while Biden only has 40 percent.

Part of that, no doubt, has to be attributed to the fact that now over half of the US believe the Democratic Party and, more specifically, the Biden administration in the form of the DOJ and FBI, are out to get Trump for political reasons and not because he’s really done anything wrong.

Additionally, more and more Americans grow tired of the Democrats’ lack of ambition to do anything good for our nation, choosing to send millions we don’t have overseas instead.

Top that all off with the fact that Biden is more than showing his age, and it’s no wonder Trump will likely be the next President of the United States.