Let’s Go Brandon: US Army Can’t Even Feed Soldiers on Base at Fort Cavazos

New Africa / shutterstock.com
New Africa / shutterstock.com

If America survives Joe Biden’s first term in office, it won’t be because of anything that his team did. It will be despite Joe Biden’s best efforts to wreck the country. The latest case in point is the fact that the US Army is unable to keep soldiers fed on Fort Cazavos. The Military Times reports that the base is only capable of keeping two of its ten major dining options open for junior enlisted members. The blazing incompetence of the Biden regime—which cannot do anything right—will be what it is best remembered for.

The base in question used to be called Fort Hood. During the BLM insurrection riots of 2020, Republican Senators decided it would be a great idea to change the names of a bunch of military bases. Surely that would appease the mobs, right? Only it didn’t, so now we’re stuck with Fort Hood being renamed Fort Cazavos. The US Senator who spearheaded that dumb move was Tim Scott, who would like to be your next president.

Fort Cazavos is home to the 1st Armored Cavalry Division. There are about 34,500 uniformed personnel and about 48,000 family members living there. The base is a city unto itself. With only 20% of the base’s eateries open every day for junior enlisted soldiers, thousands of soldiers have been forced to drive up to an hour away just to get some chow.

A lot of the enlisted soldiers don’t own a car. They’re forced to bum a ride from someone else who is able to drive up to an hour away just to get lunch. The base did provide shuttles for soldiers to jump on and ride to the nearest chow hall, but they failed to tell the soldiers about it. Many soldiers interviewed by the Military Times said they were unaware of the shuttles.

“For months, one [dining facility] was open and was a more than 30-minute drive for my soldiers,” said an anonymous NCO. “All the soldiers were going to that one. It’s unmanageable during the workday.”

Soldiers are also receiving confusing guidance on which mess halls are open and at what times. One simply had a sign on the door saying it was “closed for dinner.” But the sign didn’t say which days were affected, or which meals and on which days would be served when it’s open.

What’s the reason for this 80% failure rate when it comes to feeding the soldiers at Fort Cazavos? It’s not as if they don’t have enough food for all the troops.

It’s incompetence. The pure, unadulterated, blazing incompetence that the entirety of Team Biden has become known for.

The reason why Fort Cazavos is incapable of keeping its soldiers fed is a logistical and staffing problem. Namely, there are not enough cooks on the base to keep 80% of the dining halls open. They’re all stationed or deployed elsewhere right now, so… sorry about that.

The Biden regime has drummed nearly all of the competent people out of the military’s senior leadership by now. The only people left in management are transgenders and ideologues who made sure to get double boosted when Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci told them to. Morale and recruitment numbers have plummeted to all-time lows in every branch of the service.

It’s incredibly insulting to watch Mitch McConnell and the rest of our feckless rulers send hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine to fight an unwinnable war. Meanwhile, there’s nobody left at Fort Cazavos to whip up some chow for our own troops.