Biden Pays Iran Billions To Get 5 Jailed Iranian-Americans on House Arrest

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President Biden’s been taking some dramatic and disastrous steps with the way he treats other nations. It’s not enough that he’s giving away taxpayer money and weapons to give them to Ukraine, now he wants to ensure terrorists and the nations who support them are getting their way.

With five Iranian-Americans being held in a Tehran, Iran jail, their charges are non-specific but mostly linked to spying. They have been held at the infamous Evin Prison and will not be moved to a house release program for weeks until they are set free to come back to the US. In exchange for their increased freedom, President Biden will be giving over a substantial ransom, one that he and his representatives are trying to paint as them doing the bare minimum for such results.

White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby tried defending this on August 10th’s “The Lead” on CNN. He failed miserably.

“Look, while I can’t tell you everything that we’re doing and everything that this is, I can certainly tell you what it’s not. And there’s not going to be a ransom payment. There’s not going to be sanctions relief. There [are] no U.S. taxpayer dollars that are going to be applied to getting these Americans home. And this $6 billion, without getting into the details of the negotiations, I think there’s a little confusion about what this account is all about.”

He then went on to talk about the previous administration (Trump) that allowed Iran to still sell non-sanctioned goods, and it gave them a place to receive the money with other nations overlooking the operation. Iranians were unable to touch it with the exemption for humanitarian purposes.

Tapper listened to him rant and rave, but he easily pointed out that while the semantics say this was already the Iranian’s money, and the US was just giving them access, this looks more like a ransom.

Kirby responded to that by saying, “Well, a couple of things here: First of all, negotiations are about giving and taking, and there was no universe in which we were going to get these five Americans home without some bartering, some compromising with the Iranians. And that bargaining is ongoing right now. So, again, I don’t want to get too far ahead of what it’s going to actually look like, the terms — the scope of the negotiation and the deal. But on this ransom, this is not a ransom.” He also, yet again, thumped on the idea that Trump set this all up.

What Kirby and Biden are overlooking is the freeing of terrorists the US has held that were Iranian that came as part of the package deal. That fact alone makes the exchange treasonous. A decision to release funds that we know end up being sent to terrorist organizations is just an insult to injury. This was money being held to ensure the Iranians stopped supporting terrorism, and it was supposed to slow or stop their nuclear testing and expansion.

This administration is bound and determined to ensure the American people are left broke, vulnerable, and under threat from across the globe. By exchanging prisoners and billions for Iranian Americans, the Biden’s have not only paid a ransom for their freedom, but they have also sold out the nation as a whole. For them, the money was just a cherry on top.

Given the propensity of the Biden family as well as other leftists who are well connected to counties he has dealt with, the money being released here has a high likelihood of having at least parts of it end up in their bank accounts. This should not only worry, but it should infuriate the American people. Yet, they just keep blaming Trump and, like little lemmings who don’t know better than to just keep parroting the same lies over and over. Then again, the mainstream media just keeps feeding it to them story by story.