Sen. Kennedy: Bidenomics Has Inflated Prices Beyond Recovery

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) took his message of President Biden’s politics and how it has destroyed our economy on the August 15th episode of Faulkner Focus on Fox


He didn’t mince words about the damage he is doing to the nation.

“Because of President Biden’s inflation, and Bidenomics, [families are] paying an extra $700 a month, $9,000 a year, and they don’t have it. Yes, if there’s any good news, the rate of inflation has been thawing. Now, what does that mean? That just means prices are still going up, but they’re not going up as quickly as they were. But these — I hate to say it, but these high prices, they are permanent. Even if inflation goes to zero tomorrow, we’re still going to be stuck with these higher prices, which are a direct result of President Biden’s economic policy”

He isn’t wrong, either. Even in industries where inflation has calmed down, the lingering impacts of increased costs in raw materials, salaries, shipping, and other assorted costs have all shot up. This increase isn’t a result of Americans doing the wrong thing throughout their own financial decisions. Instead, the restrictions, tax changes, and law adjustments he made since he took office have destroyed the cost of living here in the US.

Inflation like this is something the American people very rarely, if ever, imagined they would be subjected to. Instead, we expected things to remain on the up and up and fair for all Americans. Yet Biden and his morally bankrupted collection of supporters and fellow leftists are making the problem ultimately more complex. As Kennedy expanded on, they knew what they were doing.

“Others just feel like their favorite form of spending — which is causing this inflation — is more, and they don’t get it. But either way, this is all — this inflation’s a cancer on the American Dream. And I will tell you, it’s going to be — I know President Biden wants to change the subject in the election to President Trump and his indictments, but if you ask me to single out one thing that is causing President Biden — as I said — to be about as popular as robocalls, it’s this inflation.”

With no real end in sight, the American people have to wonder just how bad things could get with Biden refusing to even acknowledge he is behind these problems. As inflation is seemingly here to stay, we know that prices are no longer likely to recede much in most industries.

While things like automobiles and real estate can decline, there is a floor in both industries. Automakers won’t build new vehicles at a loss. That’s just horrible business. Much the same, a developer won’t buy land on speck or build new homes if they don’t think they’ll have people to fill them. It just wouldn’t make sense financially or logistically. However, pre-existing homes and used cars have a variable pricing model, with an ever-lowering floor in the wrong market.

Meanwhile, COVID and Biden’s policies to follow have ensured prices in those sectors stay artificially inflated, with the leasing markets for both sectors maintaining that same inflation. As Kennedy explains in this video, Biden’s administration did this on purpose.