Wait, Denver is Paying BLM Protesters Who Broke the Law?

MaxAch / shutterstock.com
MaxAch / shutterstock.com

It wasn’t that long ago that BLM protesters were rioting in the streets of almost every major city in the United States. To say that they were acting unlawfully is an understatement. However, many of the protesters felt justified to break the law because they were trying to say something about the police “murdering” George Floyd.

The city of Denver has decided that they’re ready to apologize to BLM protesters.

Wait, what?

That’s right. The city is going to be paying out a settlement of $4.7 million. It has to do with a lawsuit that the protesters had the audacity to launch.

An emergency curfew was put into place to keep the summer riots of 2020 under control. Then-mayor Michael Hancock did what he felt he needed to do.

That’s not how the BLM protesters see it, though. They felt that they were being targeted because they were demonstrating against police brutality.

Well, they were being targeted – but not because of what they were demonstrating. They were failing to demonstrate in a peaceful way. Regardless of what the liberals may say, burning police cars to the ground and bashing storefronts in is not peaceful nor is it legal.

A class action lawsuit was launched against the Denver Police Department.

And, being the liberal city it is, the city council unanimously approved the settlement.

That means that the protesters win. Those who refused to protest peacefully are being given millions.

The civil rights law firm working for the BLM protesters, Loevy & Loevy, cooked up a story about how the protesters were arrested (gasp!) and how they were put into danger of contracting COVID-19.

What they fail to understand is that none of it would have happened if the protesters hadn’t chosen violence. If they had simply held a candlelight vigil or held signs in the air, they wouldn’t have been arrested or risked contracting COVID-19.

Even though this is a huge win for Black Lives Matter, it’s not enough according to many of the plaintiffs.

Claire Sannier has said that the group’s message is still relevant and that “The city has agreed to pay for this one instance of violent suppression of free speech, while they continue to brutalize and imprison people every day.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering if the case is done and over with, the city is facing another lawsuit that is worth $14 million because a dozen protesters were injured because, you know…they were doing illegal things that caused them to become injured.

They’ll probably win, too, because the city of Denver is proving they care more about the criminals than teaching people the difference between right and wrong.