112 Former Law Clerks Attest to Justice Thomas’ Integrity

mark reinstein / shutterstock.com
mark reinstein / shutterstock.com

You might have heard that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas isn’t the political left’s favorite person. As such, they’ve been going after him for decades now.

Thankfully, more than plenty are willing to come to his defense and attest to his integrity and ethics.

In fact, a total of 112 of Thomas’ former law clerks are doing just that right now. In a derisive letter to the Justice’s attackers, this group has made sure that the truth about their former boss is told – and it’s not the so-called truth the political left has been telling.

Now, it’s crucial to point out that these over 100 individuals are not just men and women who used to work under Thomas. Now, they are “solicitors general, general counsels, partners at litigation firms, and law professors,” according to Fox News. Three are also circuit court judges.

According to these former clerks, the current attacks on Thomas are “malicious, perpetuating the ugly assumption that the Justice cannot think for himself. But as they claim, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you haven’t heard, the latest accusations against Thomas is that he has a number of very wealthy friends who have given him gifts over the years. And so, of course, the political left has assumed that those friends were trying to coerce Thomas into giving them legal favors, drawing questions to his “ethics.”

But as this letter pretty much proves, Thomas isn’t the kind of guy who falls prey to such temptations as most on the left do.

“As his law clerks, we offer this response… His integrity is unimpeachable.”

They explained Thomas’ humble beginnings, the beliefs and values instilled in him at a young age, and how all that led him to want to do “better for his son.” And so he devoted his life to law and Justice for all.

And yet, because he is a black conservative, something of a unicorn, the political left sees him as a threat.

This is only the latest attack on him. Too bad it won’t work either…