Biden’s “Closed Border” Lets a Group of 300 Illegals Waltz In on Labor Day

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In just a single cluster, a group of 300 illegal immigrants showed up at a rallying point for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents in Lukeville, AZ on September 4th. Walking through a section of the fence welded open due to monsoon season, the illegals took advantage of the window to breach the borders of this great nation. Falling under the Tucson Border Patrol sector, they are home to one of the busiest entrances for illegal activity.

Illegals from other hemispheres are of particular concern. Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Peoples Republic of China, and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania made up the background of the illegals that arrived that afternoon. Naturally, those from China and Mauritania were of immense interest once they crossed. While intel is never guaranteed, given everything these nations try and drill into their people, it would make sense that they were sent here.

CBP sources spoke with members of Breitbart Texas under the condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak with the media. According to them, the Lukeville point of entry is one of the busiest in the nation for special foreign nationals like those from China and Mauritania. Given the geographic location relative to Tucson, Phoenix, and Yuma, it makes it a quiet and simple way to slip into the US.

Cities like these are also synonymous with major military installations that are crucial to national defense as it relates to air operations, intelligence, as well as training for previous missions in Afghanistan. That makes infiltration of our borders by these high-priority illegals more dangerous than the ones simply coming from Mexico or Cuba, for example.

Along the Mexican side of the border, their National Guard is often seen patrolling with State Police but are unable to make a major dent in the problem as groups can give them the slip easily. With the floodgates currently welded wide open until at least mid-September, there is little holding them back from crossing. With groups cutting open the wall in other locations frequently, there is little they can do to slow the flow, thanks to Biden’s cuts on CBP funding.

Commonly found among the trash being discarded on either side of the crossing areas is immigration paperwork furnished by the Mexican government to these illegals. By leaving behind the paperwork as they cross into the US, they have a better chance of hiding their real identification and where they come from. This means less wait time and a lower risk of being sent back home for many.

So far this year, 590,000 illegals have slipped and been dubbed “got-a-ways” by CBP. By contrast, within the Tucson sector in August alone, CBP collated up 49,000 illegals in August. In 2022 they had collared 18,506; thus making 2023 a 160% increase over the last year.

This “closed border” that Biden has provided the US with is about as sealed up as a colander.

Our American way of life has been under increased attack along the southern border since Obama took office. Given the way he found the answer to be requiring passports, only to have his then-VP become President and just let the illegals in with nothing is comical.

Much like the gun laws in this nation, the agreements for immigration between the US, Mexico, and Canada are just like liberal gun laws. They only impact those trying to stay on the right side of the law while making great exceptions for those breaking the law deliberately.

Making concessions for criminals and pushing for more illegals to become citizens is the left’s way of buying votes, and trying to smother the conservative voice out of existence. This isn’t what the American people need nor is it healthy for our future as a nation.