Obama’s Male Lover Posts Bombshell Video Before Tucker Interview

Alessia Pierdomenico / shutterstock.com
Alessia Pierdomenico / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a bit of a buzz surrounding the news that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is going to do a major piece on the life of former President Barack Obama. And part of that piece includes a rather damning allegation of drug abuse and homosexuality.

As Tucker informed actor, comedian, and podcaster Adam Carolla recently, it has been alleged that Obama has been involved in homosexuality for some time now, since before he really ever entered politics even. But, according to Carlson and his sources, press access was denied to anyone who even mentioned the possibility back during Obama’s campaign.

And so the matter was swept under the rug.

However, Tucker found someone willing to talk about it now. And someone who supposedly smoked crack with Obama before engaging in sexual acts with the former president.

His name is Larry Sinclair, and according to a sneak peek video from Carlson, as well as X posts from Sinclair himself, “The time has come to finally tell this story, beginning to end.”

According to Sinclair, the alleged acts took place in 1999. Basically, the two men purchased and smoked crack together before having a homosexual encounter. Sinclair promised to tell all, even debunking the many “lies that have been told” and “demonstrate how they’re lies.”

Naturally, he knows that many won’t “accept” his truths. But to him, it won’t matter. It won’t change the facts, and his story will finally be told.

But Carlson definitely believes Sinclair’s story.

According to what he told Carolla, Sinclair’s claims are “legitimate,” and the “encounter definitely happened.” To him, too many details of the story couldn’t be made up, even though Sinclair has a criminal past, including fraud, larceny, and forgery charges.

What do you think?