Warning: Finger Guns Can Lead to Suspension

Irina Levitskaya / shutterstock.com
Irina Levitskaya / shutterstock.com

If you’ve ever played cops and robbers as a kid or even signaled to a co-worker that they were onto something good, you’ve likely made “finger guns” at someone. It’s a harmless way to pretend as though your fingers are a gun. And if you’re really into it, you may even give the end of the “pistol” a blow once you’ve pulled the “trigger.”

It’s all fun and games.

Well, it was fun and games. Now, the liberal left has stepped in and decided that finger guns are not fun. Instead, they are extremely dangerous. Dangerous enough to suspend a first-grader for playing around with his classmates.

Unfortunately, this is no joke.

A school in Alabama has decided that a first grader should be in big trouble because he used his index fingers as guns. He was playing a game of cops and robbers with another boy at school. It’s hard to be a cop or a robber without a weapon.

They should be congratulating the boy for using his imagination and not bringing a real gun to school.

There were no threats.

There was no violence.

Bagley Elementary has said that he committed a “3.22” Threat according to their Student and Parent Handbook, which is defined as “making a threat or intimidation of another student.”

Of course, it’s bogus. The child did no such thing. All of the children involved in the game were suspended.

This is an infraction that will stay on the child’s permanent record. A six-year-old was just trying to have some fun with his friends, and he did nothing wrong.

As the one child’s father explained, “What they should have done was pulled him to the side and said, ‘Hey, this is not appropriate at school,’ and that should have solved it, or they could have called me, and I would have handled it. What I would like is for this incident to be removed from his record, he doesn’t deserve to be branded as potentially violent because he was playing cops and robbers.”

Now that this story has gotten national attention, Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, the Jefferson County School Superintendent, has decided to walk back some of the penalties. “After further review of the circumstances, it was determined that no further action, other than a discussion with the student, was needed. The student was back in class the next school day. We stand ready to meet with the parent to talk about any remaining concerns.”

The fact that a discussion wasn’t the first and only action taken in the first place shows just how far the liberal left is taking things.