Get Your Cameras Ready, Ring Wants To Give You $1 Million for That Shot

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With the frequency of reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) going up extensively, everyone is looking to get their part of the pie. They want their share of the money, fame, and notoriety for capturing what they see. As much of the footage and photographs are coming in very grainy, and otherwise deniable, people are clamoring for solid proof.

Enter Ring doorbells.

Yes. The same Ring doorbells Shaq sunk a ton of money into are now looking to see what you can capture with their cameras. According to a blog post by the company, “With new sightings and further evidence that life forms might exist beyond Earth’s atmosphere, there’s a possibility that Extraterrestrial activity could be happening right outside your front door. They also emphasized the involvement of a “Space and Extraterrestrial Expert,” in awarding a winner.

This kind of contest is exactly what America needs right now. Given all the hoopla about extraterrestrials over the years, it would make sense that they could be hiding right in plain sight, and we would miss it. Thankfully with products like Ring, we don’t need to miss this evidence or any of the other juicy details happening just outside our doors.

Back in May, the company settled a deal with the Federal Trade Commission for $5.2 million over clear-cut evidence that the company was using exceptionally substandard protections in securing the data and history of its customer base. Additionally, they were allowing employees at varying levels of seniority to access private videos of their customer base. In response, Ring claims their system is fixed and has been for some time.