Pot? Meet Kettle Fetterman

Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.com
Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.com

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) has been keeping the press busy since his rise to notoriety out of nowhere. This unprofessional, disabled, and unfit-for-public-service slob has been setting the standard for what wrong looks like. Despite this, he has been getting bookings everywhere, including on Steven Colbert. On the October 11th edition of the show, he was a guest, and he provided some of the best comments that he needs a mirror for.

Opening up by complimenting him on his choice of memes, Colbert asked him how he felt when people called out the Capitol for their problems. That’s when Fetterman unloaded his best piece of judgment ever.

“You all should need to know that America is not sending their best and brightest to Washington, DC. Like, sometimes you literally just can’t believe these people are making the decisions that are determining the government here; it’s actually scary, too. You have some very less gifted kinds of people there that are willing to shut down the government just to score points on Fox.”

Pot? Meet Kettle Fetterman.

Comments like these coming from the guy who takes depression time away from the office. After already barely showing up, he opts to vote from the doorway so he doesn’t have to wear a suit like an adult. His expectation that the system change to his wants and desires is incredibly bothersome. He knew full well what the expectations were for the job when he tried to win office. He knew after he stood on stage in victory.

Then again, earlier in the month, he was also approached by a reporter who wanted to ask him about (now former) Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and his investigation into impeaching Biden. Clad in his button-down shirt and sports shorts, McCarthy responded by jumping back and sarcastically wagging his finger as he proclaimed disbelief. In a sarcastic and crazed response, his own staffer seemed shocked and ushered him away quickly.

Going back to June, Fetterman was asked to speak as part of a Senate hearing on the I-95 collapse in Philadelphia. “Uh no, I – uh, would just, um, really like to, you know — the 95, 95, 95. You know?”

Gesturing to the chairman, he seemed to get his marbles, only to add more nonsense. “Obviously, you know, you’re pretty much preoccupied with, uh, 95. And uh, I certainly am, too. And we know it’s a major artery, not just for Pennsylvania but for the East Coast. And a lot of Pennsylvanians are worried that the delays in repairs bring to its standstill deal.”

Before being elected to office in 2022, Fetterman suffered a stroke while on the campaign trail and, since then, has shown difficulties speaking, pronouncing words, or forming complete sentences. This man is the result of the sympathy vote, and the people of Pennsylvania and the Senate as a whole are suffering greatly.

He is not the best or brightest for Pennsylvania, and he didn’t need to take office. If anything, he should have hung it up as soon as he had the stroke and held on to what little dignity he had. At this point, it’s no longer a ‘good for you’ moment. It’s abuse of the mentally challenged to keep putting him out there and in charge of representing his district. Much like it’s not appropriate to poke fun at the mentally challenged, it’s not appropriate to keep him in office.

If Fetterman is that worried about the best making it to DC, then he will step back and give someone else his position. At this juncture, a ninth grader failing social studies like Larry Sellers would be a better fit.