Leaked Docs Show a 3,000-Percent Spike in Excess Deaths in Fully Vaxed New Zealand

Matic Stojs Lomovsek / shutterstock.com
Matic Stojs Lomovsek / shutterstock.com

Government employees in New Zealand have released internal documents to one political party in that country that has been skeptical of the effects of the COVID-19 shots. New Zealand famously had one of the most Nazi-like regimes when it came to forcing everyone above age 12 to take the untested experimental mRNA shots. Internal documents from the government, however, show that excess mortality jumped by more than 3,000% after the shots were given.

New Zealand locked people in their homes until they got the vaccine. They wouldn’t allow people to go out in public—even to go to work or shop for groceries—unless they got the vaccine. Naturally, they carved out an exemption for the nation’s elites and high-ranking government officials who were skeptical of the shots. They didn’t want to stay cooped up in their mansions, after all.

At any rate, New Zealand’s Nazi-like tactics resulted in 94.7% of all citizens above the age of 12 getting these shots which everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Tucker Carlson was skeptical about. That’s one of the highest if not the highest, vaccination rates in the entire world.

As a result, New Zealand had 5,285 excess deaths during a 49-week period in 2022. This represents a 3,203% increase over the death rate of 2020 when COVID was floating around, but there were no vaccines. That’s just the ones that the government has attributed to the COVID shots directly. The leader of the political party NZ Loyal, Liz Gunn, estimates that the actual total number of New Zealanders who were killed by the shots is likely in the tens of thousands.

Gunn co-authored the recent study that showed that 30 people who were vaccinated against COVID on the same day at the same clinic all died suddenly within three weeks. New Zealand is just the latest of at least 20 nations that have been experiencing massive spikes in excess deaths ever since the vaccine rollout. The question is whether any nation is ever going to hold anyone accountable for this atrocity.