After 50 Years, the Bronx Has Had Enough of the Liberal Lies at City Council

lev radin /
lev radin /
Kristy Marmorato did the impossible for the New York City Council and flipped the Bronx seat into a Republican-held one. The 45-year-old healthcare worker campaigned on the message of helping the Bronx restore the pride it once had. She wants to see conservative values like great education and public safety come back to the city.
Listening to the people is one of the cornerstones of her campaign. As such, she claims giving people a choice in their school, restoring the strength of the NYPD, and blocking an increasingly controversial halfway house are her top priorities. She realizes that to make that happen she will need to reach out across the aisle. For her, she thinks reaching out to AOC can be one of the most effective ways of getting things done.
Speaking with the New York Post following her victory, she touched on what needs to change with AOC. “I have never seen her in the community, actually. I think she needs to show more of a presence. We have an entire community that overlaps with each other. We have to make the constituents happy. I hope to address issues of the community she may not be aware of and give her a different viewpoint.”
With AOC running on the socialist-democrat platform, the two could not be further apart. Yet much like Jennifer Lopez, AOC is currently the big female name from the Bronx. Reaching out to work together can only help strengthen this section of NYC.
For decades the Bronx has tried working with the liberals who ran for city council, and they finally have had enough of the failure that comes with them in office. Marmorato represents this awakening, and she has a unique opportunity to get others to vote conservative. While she isn’t a big cog in the machine (yet) she could be critical in getting more conservative voters to come out in 2024.