Shocking: Ukrainian News Station Accidentally Publishes the Real Number of KIAs in the War

Dmytro Larin /
Dmytro Larin /

The mainstream media has been gaslighting the American people about Joe Biden’s illegal proxy war against Russia, via Ukraine, for almost two years now. You can’t turn on a newscast on any station without hearing about how Ukraine, a tiny, corrupt country in Eastern Europe, has Vladimir Putin on the run. Thank goodness Joe Biden is in the White House to protect us all from Putin! It’s all lies and propaganda, though.

Ukraine never stood a chance, and it has lost the war—badly. So badly that a Ukrainian state-run TV news station just “accidentally” leaked the real number of Ukrainian soldiers who’ve been killed in Joe Biden’s war.

Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 announced during a broadcast a few days ago that 1,126,652 KIAs (killed in action) have occurred in Ukraine since Joe Biden started the war.

1.1 million dead soldiers.

That’s more casualties than the United States lost during all its wars in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries combined. That’s more than the combined total of active-duty US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps members right now.

Washington, DC, and London are going to have a lot to answer for once Russia has completely decimated NATO. It’s such a staggering and disgusting loss of life. Ukraine has lost 5% of its male population in the war. An equivalent figure would be for America to lose 8 million soldiers in a war. All the young men in Ukraine are either dead after having been forced into the ranks and hurled into the meat grinder or have fled the country as refugees by now. The only troops that Zelensky has left are grandfathers who look too old and tired to fight much longer.

As a result of the war, the economy of almost every European country is now teetering on the brink as they head into another cold winter. Because Joe Biden blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline in an act of war against our NATO allies, European countries are now paying through the nose to heat their homes. The psychopaths running Washington, DC have decided to pull the plug on the whole Ukraine thing, thanks to a shiny new potential war in the Middle East. (Maybe someday they’ll get around to realizing that China is the real threat?)

The truly disgusting thing is that the Ukraine war never had to happen. In fact, Donald Trump showed the entire world how to stave off the war in Ukraine, which the Deep State had been pining for since Barack Obama was in office. Just don’t allow Ukraine to join NATO. That’s it. Ukraine remains as a neutral buffer zone between Russia and the rest of Europe by staying out of NATO.

1.1 million Ukrainian lives could have been saved if the Deep State had simply listened to and followed Donald Trump’s simple leadership. Instead, Joe Biden and whatever sissy is running England these days kept provoking Putin with their bloodthirsty rhetoric. They were going to bring Ukraine into NATO, and then they were going to march nukes right up to the border with Russia and blah blah blah. Which was odd, since Russia had no expansionary plans whatsoever.

What Joe Biden has done in Ukraine is nothing to celebrate. He’s devastated both the American and European economies through this frivolous war that Ukraine was never going to win. Russia’s economy, thanks to Western-imposed sanctions, is now thriving. Not being allowed to engage in free trade with other countries, Russia simply started manufacturing its own goods again. They’re richer because of it. Duh!

At any rate, chalk this up as yet another disastrous foreign policy horror committed by the Biden regime. They got 1.1 million young men killed over a war that never should have happened in the first place.