Irish Citizens Block Roads to Stop Illegal Aliens Being Dumped in Their Towns

Claire Whitehead /
Claire Whitehead /

Irish citizens are so fed up with their unelected foreign rulers dumping the entire dregs of the Third World in their towns that they are now blocking roads to keep the illegal aliens out. The unelected bureaucrats in the EU have dumped hundreds of thousands of illegals in the small island nation in the last ten years, and tensions have now passed the boiling point.

This comes on the heels of the Irish rioting last weekend and burning down hotels in Dublin where illegal aliens were being housed. The riots were sparked after a string of murders and attacks on innocent people, including a child as young as 4, that were committed by illegals.

Locals in the Irish village of Dromahair set up barricades, roadblocks, and checkpoints at every entrance to the town. Volunteers manned the checkpoints and they even searched vehicles to make sure no one entering the town was trying to sneak more illegal aliens in. The locals said the impetus for the manned checkpoints was the massive drain on social services for residents, and the increased danger to public safety that the migrants represent.

The Irish Department of Integration got the hint and didn’t send any additional illegal aliens to the town.

The government had also planned to dump a bunch of illegals in the southern village of Rosslare Harbour and have them occupy the town’s main hotel. When locals found out about that two weeks ago, they set up checkpoints at every entrance to the town. The tiny village only had a native population of about 2,200 Irish until last year, when the government suddenly dumped 700 illegal aliens in their midst.

Of course, our own government here in the US hates its citizens as much as the Irish government hates theirs. How long do you suppose it will be before Americans start taking concrete actions like this?