School District Bans Christmas Decorations

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It’s funny how woke ‘all-inclusivity” really only includes anything other than the traditional, isn’t it?

Take the school district of Wallingford, Pennsylvania, for example.

With the holiday season upon us, most classrooms, schools, buses, and even school personnel take in all together more festive air. Christmas trees grace nearly every room, lights are hung, and it seems every manages to rustle up a Santa hat from somewhere. Even bus drivers get in on the festivities, often dressing up, handing out cookies, or decorating their workspace.

Not at Wallingford-Swathmore School District.

Here, it was recently made known that the superintendent, Dr. Wagner Marseille, is either the Grinch or Mr. Scrooge.

A memo went out to all school bus drivers and aides recently, warning that they are NOT to join in the usual festivities.

“As per Dr. Marseille, he has been receiving complaints from parents concerning District employees displaying ‘Christmas’ themed decorations and/or wearing clothing of the same nature.” Insert gasp…

WTXF-TV reported the memo continued, “If you have decorated your bus with anything specific to the Christmas Holiday or any other decorations relating to a specific religion, please remove them immediately.”

“In addition, employees are not instructed to wear clothing related to Christmas or any other religious holiday.”


And no, I did not add the caps. That was how the memo arrived to bus drivers.

Like I said, someone is really grinchy this year…

However, that all seemed to change just moments after WTXF reported on this. Not wanting to be known for what is clearly the exclusion of religious holidays most of the world accepts, the district was quick to say that the memo was somehow misconstrued and gave an “unintended” message.

I’m sorry. What’s unintended about writing in caps that NO ONE is to show Christmas spirit?

Apparently, the memo was supposed to be read with nicer intentions and just as a reminder to include all children of varying backgrounds, not just Christians.

So we just exclude Christians then… I see.