I’ll Have a #3 With a Side of Drunken Manslaughter and a Large Sourdough Bribery

Anukul / shutterstock.com
Anukul / shutterstock.com

Late one night in mid-December, 17-year-old Hunter Cameron Villasana was driving at a high rate of speed along Silber Road in Houston, TX. Losing control of the vehicle, he ended up nailing a curb, launching the vehicle over a median before slamming into a wall. While bad enough, as he slammed across the median, a homeless Caucasian woman in her mid-50s was in his path and died as a result.

Hearing the commotion, nearby Jack in the Box workers responded immediately. Seeing Villasana exit the vehicle, the employees could see that he was attempting to flee the scene. A bold move in and of itself, but things only got worse when he allegedly attempted to bribe the employees, offering to Venmo them once he was clear.

Keeping him at the scene, investigators later received testimony from Villasana that the woman was crossing the street when he struck her, thus it had nothing to do with his driving, but rather the woman herself for causing the accident. Arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter, a second-degree felony, it would seem as if some charges were missing from the District Attorney’s office.

Reaching a deal with the courts, his lawyer was able to shockingly secure his release on a $200,000 bond. Under the terms of his bond, he is forbidden from operating a motor vehicle, and he is to wear a SCRAM device to monitor him for any consumption of alcohol. Shockingly, his next trial date is in February.

Despite this deal, prosecutor Matthew Bergeron said, “Drunk driving or intoxicated driving is a plague in Harris County. Harris County, please do not drive under the influence, do not drive intoxicated, call a friend, call an Uber, anything to avoid this situation.” A bold statement to give following what is a gift in the form of this bond.

This kind of situation is reprehensible but goes along with the narrative that supports the liberal agenda and its ideals. It sends the message to the American people that this kind of crime is not only acceptable but that nobody will do something about it. As we have seen in places like Washington DC, LA, and Chicago, these policies for weak policing only led to more crime.

For people like the Jane Doe he left in his wake, this case sends the message that nobody cares if you’re alive or dead. That to the government, you are literally nothing more than another number that tried to live and failed to do so. Especially during the Christmas season. While there is certainly the argument to be made about not depriving his family of a last Christmas with him at home, perhaps he should have thought of that before driving drunk.

Along with this combo and sides comes the currently unspecified stretch of jail if he is convicted. While the allegations are technically considered unsubstantiated, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. With the eyewitness reports of his attempts to flee, his attempted bribery and fingerprints should line him up pretty solidly for a conviction.

As the video here clearly shows, this wasn’t an easily jumped median, and while it’s mindboggling someone would sleep there, he had no right or need to drive over it or to drive drunk.