Biden Reportedly Traveling with Second Pair of Pants in Case He Poops Himself

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /

As we all know, Joe Biden pooped his pants during a meeting with Pope Francis a few years ago. We now have even more proof that Joe Biden is struggling with incontinence as a side effect of his extreme dementia and advanced age. During the recent Turning Point USA’s annual AmericaFest event, a sitting United States Senator confirmed that Joe Biden now has to travel with extra pairs of pants in case he drops a big Hershey squirter in his drawers.

We already know what you’re thinking: “This story was debunked by all the fact-checkers! Everyone knows that Joe Biden didn’t really poop his pants in front of the Pope!”

Yes, he did. We know that he did because all the fact-checkers claim it isn’t true.

The world first learned that Joe Biden had pooped his pants in front of the Pope when the former Nevada Republican Party chair, Amy Tarkanian, tweeted about it:

Internet users were also quick to point out that Joe Biden was wearing different pairs of pants before and after his meeting with the Pope. Good grief, how much proof do people need? The story was so true that #PoopyPantsBiden, #PoopGate, and #JoeBidenSh*tHimself all began trending on Twitter.

Democrats and the mainstream media keep claiming that Donald Trump is “worse than Hitler,” and they say it with a straight face, despite the fact that this is a ludicrous assertion. Fair is fair. We choose to believe that Joe Biden pooped his pants in front of the Pope. That’s OUR truth, Democrats, and you don’t get to take it away from us with your little “fact checks.”

If the story is false, then why did Joe Biden change his pants during the meeting with the Pope, liberals? Riddle us that!

It’s also not far-fetched to believe that Joe Biden is having trouble controlling his bowels. At such an advanced age, it’s more difficult for an elderly person to control that part of their anatomy. It’s a sad fact of life. Adult diapers are a thing because there is an actual market for them.

There’s also the fact that Joe Biden’s handlers, including his ghoulish wife, have turned him into a junkie. Tucker Carlson and others have confirmed that Joe Biden is normally a mental toddler these days. The only way that his handlers can make him lucid enough to follow a teleprompter these days is by injecting him full of speed and barbiturates. There is credible scientific evidence that these powerful and highly addictive drug cocktails can promote lucidity for a short time in dementia patients. They obviously have diminishing returns, though, as evidenced by Biden’s inability to find his way off the stage after he delivers remarks.

Is it really that far-fetched to believe that an elderly drug addict like Joe Biden goes around pooping his pants? We don’t think it’s far-fetched at all. In fact, it probably happens a lot more frequently than the public is aware of.

At any rate, we now have definite confirmation that Joe Biden travels with extra pairs of pants in case his aides have to change a stinky adult diaper. Senator Ted Cruz has let the cat out of the bag, and he was definitely not joking when he said it, as you can see for yourself here: