I’ll Take a McCrack, Please

Lazy_Bear / shutterstock.com
Lazy_Bear / shutterstock.com

Fast food workers “accidentally” slipping something extra into someone’s order happens all the time. From a mistaken apple pie to a few extra nuggets or even a free French fry happens more often than many would suspect. For a customer in Columbus, OH, though, he found the drive-thru worker who strayed a bit too far when it came to something extra.

On December 19th, a couple went to the 619 Harrisburg Pike location of McDonald’s and ordered themselves some breakfast. When they opened their bag, they found something else to wake them up: a heavily used and somewhat damaged crack pipe. Returning to the store, the manager came out to the customer’s vehicle to take information about it but never came back out.

Approaching the drive-thru window, the customer asked about a resolution, and the manager called the police. With nobody bothering to respond, the customer left. Later, the manager allegedly offered to issue a full refund if the customer would simply return the pipe. Refusing to do so, the customer held on to it, fully fearing it could end up in a Happy Meal instead.

The next day, on December 20th, Health Department officials came for a surprise inspection of the facility. Observing major construction being done on the seating area of the restaurant, numerous health code and sanitary violations were found, forcing the location to close. Upon a second inspection on December 21st, the location was cleared to reopen.

A discovery like this should disturb everyone to their very core. This isn’t the kind of discovery anyone should want to make with their food. A dirty, broken, and heavily used crack pipe has no business being in a bag with anyone’s food. Especially when they didn’t pay extra for the Ghetto Superstar combo deal.