Number of Voters Saying Biden’s Illegitimate Jumps 20%

Johnny Silvercloud /
Johnny Silvercloud /

If you know much about The Washington Post, it’s likely that it is as devoted to the political left as Joe Biden is, knowing nothing about his son’s shady business deals. But even they can’t hide the fact that more Americans than ever think Biden illegitimately won the 2020 election.

This came about after WaPo conducted another annual survey.

Among other things, the Tuesday released survey suggests that fewer and fewer people view the January 6 “attack” of the Capitol as an actual attack. As such, they are more likely than ever before to “absolve Donald Trump of responsibility for the attack” and are “more sympathetic to those who stormed the” Capitol.

In fact, a mere 24 percent of Republicans and only 17 percent of Trump voters believe January 6 was “an attack on democracy that should never be forgotten.”

If you haven’t guessed yet, Democrats, or at least the average liberal WaPo reader, are shaking in their boots.

But wait, there’s more.

Additionally, the number of Americans who believe Biden’s 2020 election was “legitimate” has dropped rather significantly.

According to the Post, who worked with the University of Maryland’s Center for Democracy and Civic Engagement, this question was asked to 1,024 adults between December 4 and 18: “Regardless of whom you supported in the 2020 election, do you think Joe Biden’s election as president was legitimate, or was he not legitimately elected?”

WaPo readers, brace yourself…

A whopping 36 percent of 2023 contestants said the election was illegitimate. Compare that to 29 percent in 2021. Moreover, 62 percent said Biden legitimately won. In 2021, that percentage was 69.

This means that since 2021, a mere two years ago, roughly 20 percent more respondents have changed their minds about the legitimacy of Biden’s election.

Now, of course, it’s far too late to do anything about the election. But it’s rather telling of Biden’s chances of winning this year, especially as the survey also proves that respondents tend to look more favorably on Trump than previously.

Suffice it to say, it’s more bad news for the Biden administration.