Latest Aliens in Miami Didn’t Come by Boat

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On January 1st, the Ufologist’s prediction for an active 2024 already started coming true. Tons of viral videos from a Miami, FL mall at the Bayside Marketplace show a group of teens were engaged in a vicious street brawl. That’s when multiple eyewitnesses claim that there were 8-foot-tall shadowy aliens who showed up and started cleaning house. With firecrackers and other sounds going off, people were clearing the area as quickly as possible. One person called it gunfire.

Were the people running because of the brawl or because of the 8-foot-tall aliens? That’s what is really unclear — and there are plenty of eyewitness accounts to say it was aliens.

One witness explained, “Next thing you know, real gun shots start going off … I look back, no cap, it looked like a big ass shadow, but it was solid at the same time… When that type of shit is going on, shit like that, some paranormal [shit], nobody thinking about no phone.”

Of the videos going viral, it is the massive police response that is getting the most attention. As the aerial camera shows, there are over 60 cop cars that responded to the fight.

While Miami PD was quick to call the allegations of alien life forces being at the brawl a joke, many believe what they saw at the mall was aliens. While multiple other clips have been taken down from YouTube, they are still circulating on social media. In them, these shadows move along, and it certainly gives the impression that not only are they coming here, but they are ready to do whatever it takes to dominate our planet.

Miami radio host Dan Bongino took to Twitter/ X to talk about his experience with UFOs in the area on January 3rd.

“Need your help here. And I’m REALLY sorry if this sounds weird. But I’m puzzled. I live on the Treasure Coast in Florida and for two straight nights there’s been an object with a bright light hovering in the sky near the ocean and moving over the Indian River. I called a number of people and it is NOT a helicopter or a plane. It appears to be expelling some type of exhaust or something else. I’m not experienced with drones so I’m posting here to hopefully get an answer. Is it a drone? What it is?”

To his question, a variety of responses were given, but nothing pointed him in the right direction. The fact of the matter is that it remains a UFO in the plainest sense of the word. It is unidentified, flying, and an object. It’s the simplest explanation in recent existence, too.

It’s not hard to see why they would want to come here. As the epicenter of culture around the world, the US and Western Europe have some of the greatest control over the options and outlooks of people across the planet. While Americans and people in certain countries like China, Iran, or North Korea will disagree on almost everything, we have seen bits of our culture and will imposed there.

The aliens showing up like this cannot be tolerated. As Americans, we need to send a message to them that not only is their presence unwelcome in this manner, but also that it won’t be tolerated. If they want to come here, showing up like smokey shadows and firing off gunshots won’t cut it.

Cops have tried to make it clear: “There are no aliens in Miami.” Well, that’s not true, but perhaps there may not actually be aliens from another planet lurking about with firecrackers.