Biden Paying Off Wives of Houthi Rebels in Yemen

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akramalrasny /

With the Houthi rebels taking shots with missiles, mortars, and rockets at ships in the Red Sea, President Biden is ensuring their wives at home don’t get bored. Through a $22,520 grant from the State Department, Yemeni females are reportedly being given schooling for technology skills. Tagged as being given specifically to women in the tech field or who want to be an entrepreneur, these descriptions require specific skill sets. Skills that quite literally could help their underfunded rebels attack passing ships more efficiently.

As the US Navy is providing secure passage for ships through the Red Sea, it would seem incredibly counterproductive for Biden to be sending these funds to Yemen. With the funding being controlled by the Medalah Foundation, there is very little known about them. However, given the rampant availability to acquire and use arms in the country, this $22k would go far and do significant damage. Especially if it is invested specifically in tech for weapons they already have.

Houthi rebels have discovered that the suicide drones they can launch for thousands of dollars are being destroyed by US Navy missiles that can cost millions of dollars a pop. For them, this is a massive victory by simply picking at our munitions at sea and ensuring we deplete our stockpile bit by bit. Given the time it takes to resupply a ship versus a land attack, the rebels have a succinct advantage, and being at home only strengthens the situation in their favor.

Ever since taking office, Biden has pushed for giving money to women’s groups for tech in Middle Eastern countries.  Never mind the fact that these achievements only benefit their male population, he didn’t resist approving $100k in September 2023 for women and young girls in Palestine. Listed as helping their mental health by funding running programs, the timing compared to the attacks in Gaza is too ironic.

The State Department also handed over $30k in October 2023 for Lebanon to pay for female entrepreneurs. Then $100k in September 2023 was spent on teaching Iraqi women to found tech start-ups. In the same month, $54k went to Gaza for female journalists to learn how to write about gender issues, another contribution that most likely went to rebels to stage attacks.

Americans have become aware of Biden’s lack of action against the Houthis. Plus, his frequent forbidding US forces to attack the sites they have been launching their missiles or launching drones from has let the rebels keep their attacks going. Refusing to call the Houthis enemies or even decry their actions as an act of war, Biden and other Western-based leaders aren’t getting the job done effectively.

Retired Army Gen. Jack Keane spoke with Fox News back in December about the situation and Biden’s failure to act. “You know, you have to have some spine to escalate to end something, to achieve some dominance. This administration, time and time again, has failed to do that, and you know, we’re also putting our troops and our sailors at risk here.”

This risk is something we shouldn’t be blindly accepting as Americans. If anything, we should be resisting against this administration funding the very terrorism that is straining the American economy and putting our troops at risk. Yet as the mainstream media all but refuses to discuss it in the news, many Americans are blindly unaware of this mismanagement of money. With Biden doing everything he can to take as much from the American taxpayer before he leaves office, we need to realize that he has burned this nation to its core.

Paying off women is something that the Biden family are professionals at. Just look at Hunter, like father, like coke-addict son.