Trudeau Honors Transgender Who Got a Women’s Rape Shelter Shut Down

Art Babych /
Art Babych /

Justin Trudeau’s government in Canada has just given an incredibly ugly man named Morgane Oger a Meritorious Service Medal. Mr. Oger is transgender and believes that he is a woman. What was the meritorious act that made Mr. Oger worthy of winning a medal? For one thing, he got the oldest rape shelter in Canada shut down after the owners refused to deny biological reality.

Vancouver Rape Relief was a women’s rape shelter that would take in traumatized women after they had been assaulted. It had a women-only staff so that the victims could recover from their attacks safely. Naturally, the rainbow mafia threw a fit when Vancouver Rape Relief refused to allow biological men who pretend to be women to invade the women-only safe space.

Morgane Oger spearheaded an effort to strip city funding from Vancouver Rape Relief. Mr. Oger was hailed as a “champion of diversity” when Justin Trudeau’s government gave him a medal the other day, but the actions that Oger encouraged against the women’s rape shelter sure sound a lot like domestic terrorism.

The women-only shelter was repeatedly vandalized with graffiti. Threats to rape and kill the “TERFs” rape victims were written all over the windows and doors. (A TERF is a derogatory term the rainbow mafia made up, which stands for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.) Someone also nailed a dead rat to the front door.

Mr. Oger actually blamed the rape victims for the terror campaign against them, writing in a local newspaper, “Regrettably but predictably, VRR choosing to ignore Canada’s civil rights laws causes blow-back.”

He even offered to help make the attacks stop if the rape clinic would simply cave to his demands and admit the “truth” about biological men. Vancouver Rape Relief ultimately lost its funding and shut down, and Mr. Morgane Oger was just given a medal for it.