RINO on His Way Out as State Backs GOP Challenger

helloRuby / shutterstock.com
helloRuby / shutterstock.com

It seems that RINOs (Republicans in name only) are having a tough year. First, former-speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted. Then, Utah RINO Mitt Romney announced his retirement. And now, another state is choosing a GOP challenger instead of an incumbent RINO.

In Nebraska, no one was surprised when incumbent Senator and former Governor Pete Ricketts decided to run for office again. However, what is rather surprising is that the state’s State Central Committee of the Republican Party has endorsed someone else besides Ricketts.

Enter former Air Force Lt. Col. John Glen Weaver.

As the Nebraska Examiner reported, the GOP panel also endorsed two more GOP challengers rather than the current seat holders. Representative Don Bacon may be ousted from the state’s 2nd Congressional District by Dan Frei, and Representative Adrian Smith could lose to John Walz for the state’s 3rd Congressional District.

The why seems to be quite simple: RINOs are not what Nebraska wants for their state.

As the Examiner pointed out, Trump labeled Ricketts a RINO in 2022. He was also never actually elected to the seat he currently holds. Rather, he was appointed to it after Senator Ben Sasse stepped down last year.

It was also noted that none of the three incumbents even really applied to seek the Party’s nomination, which basically just requires a simple questionnaire. But, as the Examiner reported, no incumbent did so.

Weaver, on the other hand, did what was required, and he has a record to prove that he’s nothing but ‘America First.’

Naturally, Ricketts didn’t want to talk about not being endorsed by his Party. Bacon simply said that “most state parties do not go against incumbents.”

But this one certainly did. And by the looks of things, it means Nebraska could have three fewer RINOs around as a result.