UAW Workers Say Union’s Support of Biden Is Pointless

Ryanzo W. Perez /
Ryanzo W. Perez /

Members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) aren’t easily swayed by cheap words. For years now, these hard-working men and women have valiantly followed their union in their mission but have always done what’s best for them and their families. Now with UAW President Shawn Fain blindly offering union support for President Biden on January 24th, members caution people from reading too much into it.

UAW member Joe Pizzimenti has worked for Ford’s Sterling Plant located in Sterling Heights, MI, for over 30 years. He’s been a part of UAW the entire time too. While he and others support their union, the voice of leadership doesn’t sway his ballot.

“The endorsement is not a big deal to me because I can think for myself — and I’m not alone. I support my labor union and happily pay my dues each month, but I can figure out the ballot on my own. Many of my coworkers and I see the Biden administration as hostile to the American auto industry and, thus, to the interests of UAW members. Worse, many of us see the policies of the Democrats as hostile to middle-class Americans and certainly to our families.”

For Pizzimenti and others, they see the push by the Biden administration to make significant money by shoving a “green” agenda on automakers. As the factories spend billions to retrofit factories to make EVs, bonuses and pay increases started drying up. Then when the EVs failed to catch on, executives kept giving themselves bonuses while continuing to shortchange the factory worker.

Biden’s agenda has crashed the automotive industry off the side of a cliff. It would be ignorant for UAW workers to vote for a candidate who wants to kill their livelihood. A UAW endorsement of Biden is just voting to kill their entire industry.