Biden Admin Considers the Ultimate Betrayal of Israel

Melnikov Dmitriy /
Melnikov Dmitriy /

For as long as most of us can remember, the United States has squarely aligned and allied with Israel, the only real democracy in existence in the Middle East. Yet, according to the Biden administration, the days of standing by the Jewish nation’s side may be short-lived.

Per a recent report from Axios, Biden’s State Department is actually considering a decision to recognize Palestine as an official nation and United Nations member.

The report includes word that Secretary of State Tony Blinken has “asked the State Department to conduct a review and present policy options on a possible US and international recognition of a Palestinian state after the war in Gaza.”

Of course, doing so undoubtedly will have very real-world implications “both internationally and domestically,” as Axios says.

Clearly, Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, are none too thrilled about the possibility.

It is assumed that it would be a dividing factor for many, both here at home and overseas. In fact, it may even cost the Biden administration the 2024 presidential election.

According to Axios, there are “several options” to consider when discussing this topic. One is whether or not the US should go this route and encourage other nations to follow suit. The UK, according to former PM David Cameron, is already considering the same.

Another issue would be whether or not to block a Security Council resolution in admitting Palestine as a “full UN member state.”

Currently, it has a “permanent observer mission” in the United Nations, which is also what the Vatican has, as they are not official nations but do hold a significant amount of sway.

Of course, when news of the possible change was reported, people far and wide took to social media to either praise or condemn it.

For the latter, the move mostly comes as what is perceived to be a reward for terrorism.

Clearly, Palestine, Gaza, and Hamas have it out for Israel; their October 7th attacks proved that. The reaction of the US should have been similar to the days following 9/11. And yet, the Biden administration is literally now considering giving them everything they want.

It’s ridiculous, to be sure. Don’t you think?