Georgia Moves to Criminalize Charities That Bail Rioters Out of Jail

alexkich /
alexkich /

Atlanta, GA, was torn apart by BLM riots over the summer and fall of 2020. The Democrat Party’s other group of foot soldiers (the ones who claim they’re stopping fascism) has been waging a campaign of domestic terrorism against a police training facility there for months. The Georgia legislature has finally had enough of this nonsense and is set to pass a strict new bill that will keep these people locked behind bars.

The bill is SB 63. The Senate passed it by a margin of 30-17 last week. The Georgia House will vote on it this week, and Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is expected to quickly sign it into law. Once it goes into effect, charities financed by George Soros and other wealthy leftists will be unable to bail their domestic terrorists out of jail when they’re arrested for rioting.

The bill states, “No more than three cash bonds may be posted per year by any individual, corporation, organization, charity, nonprofit corporation, or group in any jurisdiction.”

Many additional criminal charges related to rioting will no longer be eligible for signature bonds or unsecured judicial releases. Unappointed and unappointed judges will be prohibited from springing domestic terrorists from jail without posting bond if a judicial vacancy exists.

This will be good news for the people of Georgia. Domestic terrorists will no longer be able to walk out of jail if the police arrest them for burning down a Wendy’s. This law will eliminate the “no cash bail” nonsense that some prosecutors and judges are trying to force on us, which allows the terrorists to run right back out and start injuring, burning, and looting in the city of Atlanta.

The trust fund babies in these communist terror groups will finally have to run to daddy to bail them out, since George Soros will no longer be able to do it.