Daylight Train Robberies in Los Angeles Reach Unprecedented Numbers

America’s descent into Third World nation status is accelerating under the failed leadership of the Democrat Party, and California is the failed state where this is most apparent. The state’s return to primitivism now features pirates looting boats in the San Francisco Bay area and daring daylight train robberies in Los Angeles. The Union Pacific train line in Downtown LA is an area where the trains lumber along at slow speed, and gangs of thieves are making off with tons of cargo every day.

Armed with bolt cutters and crowbars, the brazen thieves climb on board the trains and quickly jimmy the cargo trailers open. Sometimes they trip the emergency brakes on the trains and bring them to a full stop. It then becomes a free-for-all as they toss massive shipments of packages from companies like Amazon and UPS off the train. Other members of the gangs rip the boxes open like it’s Christmas morning to see what’s in them. They’re mainly looking for high-end electronics, jewelry, and clothing.

Photographs of the rail line through Downtown LA are stunning. It’s a sea of wall-to-wall ripped-up cardboard boxes as far as the eye can see. Union Pacific says it has an average of 90 cargo containers looted every single day from trains that are in motion.

Lax security on freight trains is part of the problem. The thieves also know, however, that with Democrats in charge of Los Angeles, the chances of being arrested and charged with anything are near zero. George Soros’s District Attorney, George Gascon, is far more concerned with letting criminals off the hook than he is with prosecuting.

A photojournalist recently captured footage of the incredible mess along the train tracks in Downtown LA and shared it on Twitter/X: