AZ Judge Rules Voters Must Prove Citizenship Before Their Votes Are Counted

Pamela Au /
Pamela Au /

A federal judge has ruled that an Arizona law requiring proof of US citizenship for voting can remain in effect. It sounds crazy that there was even a lawsuit challenging such a common-sense election integrity law, but here we are.

The law in question was based on HR 2942, which was passed in the wake of the stolen 2020 election. The law stipulates that a voter must verify and confirm their US citizenship before their vote can be legally counted in Arizona. If you cannot prove that you’re an American, you can’t vote. Period.

A Democrat Party group that advocates for “rights” for illegal aliens pitched a fit and sued the state over this perfectly valid law. “Mi Familia Vota” used such hysterics in filing the suit that, surprisingly, the judge didn’t immediately dismiss it with prejudice.

Mi Familia Vota claimed in its suit that HR 2942 was a “baseless assault on Arizona’s election system based on a conspiracy theory that non-citizens are voting, despite a persistent lack of credible evidence to support such claim.”

A conspiracy theory? The Center for Immigration Studies found that 42,000 foreigners voted in the Washington, DC municipal election in 2022, when Mayor Muriel Bowser won her party’s nomination by 11,000 votes.

If 42,000 voted in Washington, DC, which is pretty far away from the US-Mexico border, doesn’t it make sense that even more might be voting in the elections of border states?

Fortunately, Judge Susan Bolton rejected Mi Familia Vota’s hyperventilating lawsuit in favor of the Arizona law. In her ruling, Bolton wrote that Arizona has a vested interest in holding a fair and transparent election in 2024 and that the law does not violate the Voting Rights Act.

One more tool that the Democrats have traditionally used to commit voter fraud in Arizona has been taken off the table by this ruling.